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ROX Mining Parts: Eliminating downtime. Maximising efficiency

The mining sector is notorious for being slow when it comes to embracing new technology.

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Brand DNA

ROX Mining Parts is a division of the Bend-tech Group dedicated to the supply of open cut and underground machine replacement parts.

The ROX team has been restructured with customer experience in mind and with dedicated supporting departments such as research and development, engineering, and logistics. The ROX division is committed to transforming mining parts supply by eliminating downtime, improving performance, and increasing longevity of parts through innovation. 

Not only a riff on the substrate we work with (rocks), the ROX name is derived from the Aurochs/Ox - powerful animals known to be strong, agile, and resilient.

Brand story

We are excited to introduce our reimagined identity – a transformation born from our unwavering commitment to provide even greater value to our customers and a realisation that our provision of OEM replacement parts division has become much more than just a business unit. 

Our journey began with a simple idea, and today, that idea is evolving into a brand-new experience that reflects our dedication to innovation, quality, minimising downtime, and customer experience.

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The origins

Every great journey has its origins. What has become ROX today started in the late 2000’s when we began supplying OEM replacement handrails for Underground machines. This quickly evolved into supplying more handrails, then more parts. Which then evolved into servicing the Open cut machine market, supplying components such as handrails, fenders and guards, platform modules and fuel tanks. Through the years, we've remained dedicated to serving our customers, adapting to their needs, and leveraging new technologies to improve their experience.

The evolution

As time passed, the division continued to grow both in parts and services provided as well as our human resources and supporting divisions such a research and development (R&D). We realised that providing what the industry needs and mitigating customer pain points meant embracing change. Our rebrand is the result of an evolution – a transformational process that has seen us listen to your feedback, learn from our experiences, and begin a journey towards continued innovation to create something even more exceptional.

The vision

Our new identity is not merely a logo or a name; it is a reflection of our vision for the future. We envision a world where all the parts our customers need are readily available, downtime is eliminated, parts are continuously innovated and improved, and we are the trusted and relied-upon supplier for mining equipment replacement parts. This vision fuels our every decision in shaping our brand.

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The benefits

Our rebrand isn't just for us – it's for you. We've reimagined our service with you in mind, with the mission of creating an experience that is more streamlined, innovative, and dedicated than ever before. With our new identity, we're poised to elevate your experience and empower you like never before. With a restructured team, more robust R&D, and a new, dedicated website in the works we are poised to deliver the best service in the industry.

The promise

Our promise to you remains unchanged. Just as we've stood by your side in the past, we will continue to be your trusted partner on this journey of sustained value and minimising downtime. Our commitment to all parts being stocked, downtime eliminated, innovated parts and improved performance, and becoming the relied upon supplier for mining equipment replacement part supply remains steadfast, serving as the bedrock of our rebrand and the road ahead.


In closing, we're excited to embark on this new chapter with you. Our rebrand of our OEM Replacement Parts division is more than a new name, new colours, or new logo – it's a testament to our dedication to continuous improvement, innovation, and growth. Thank you for being a part of our story so far, and we look forward to the exciting journey ahead, hand in hand. 

Get in touch with us today to find out how ROX can assist your mining project.

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