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Martin Stewardship: an action plan for the future


Over nearly 80 years of Martin Engineering's existence, we have dedicated ourselves to making operations cleaner, safer, and more productive. This has driven all our actions with customers, partners, suppliers, employees, and the communities where we are present. All these efforts aim to build a sustainable future in all aspects for the next generations. 

In this regard, we have undertaken important commitments to environmental, social, and corporate governance sustainability best practices, which we at Martin Engineering call Martin Stewardship Program. This initiative is rooted in our vision that we need to "promote excellence for families to thrive and society to progress." 

The Martin Stewardship Program is the consolidation of the teachings left by our founder, Edwin F. Peterson. In other words, we are constantly seeking to enhance the safety, efficiency, and productivity of processes, whether internal or external. 

The first step was taken when we launched the Foundations™ book, a work that compiles the best safety practices to help our customers better understand their operations, reduce material loss and waste, and, most importantly, ensure the safety of their employees. 

In this sense, Martin Stewardship has three fundamental pillars: Environment, Community, and Governance, composed of three essential steps: Act, Plan, and Do!

Environment and Martin Stewardship

An example of our commitment to the environment is the Belt Cleaner Martin® EcoSafe™ - Primary Belt Cleaner and Secondary Belt Cleaner, applied in Brazilian territory so far. It has a lower environmental impact with better utilization of primary and secondary blades. It ensures high cleaning capacity and has a lower environmental impact by reducing polyurethane waste in the environment by 35%. The aluminium structures of t can also be reused. Also, globally, we recycle 302,000 kilograms of steel, with the US being the largest contributor at 140,000 kilograms. In addition, we recycle 29,500 kilograms of aluminium, 14,000 kilograms of stainless steel, 900 kilograms of plastic, and 3,702 kilograms of paper.

Social aspect of Martin Stewardship

As our mission reveals, Martin® exists to ignite excellence so that families thrive and society progresses, and therefore, within Martin Stewardship, we take actions aimed at the community and helping those in need. We have community environmental projects worldwide such as assistance in cases of floods and other natural disasters, recycling in solidarity with local non-profit organizations, volunteering, blood donation campaigns and well-being programs for our employees.

Martin Stewardship: responsible governance

Within Martin's structure, we have boards with diverse compositions, always with external public participation. The boards ensure a minimum of 33% female participation to ensure diversity. Another essential aspect is auditing. At Martin Engineering, we have an external auditing company that reports to a specific committee, always striving for the best corporate practices.  

We believe that Martin's leadership position imposes challenges and the responsibility to act for a better future for all. That is precisely what this program seeks. 

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