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NHP - Specialists in electrical and automation products, systems and solutions

The mining sector is notorious for being slow when it comes to embracing new technology.

With more than 50 years of electrical and engineering industry excellence and over 20 branches across Australia and New Zealand, it is NHP’s local people and footprint that helps us to understand your specific project needs, no matter how big or small.

Not only is NHP the long-standing exclusive Authorised Distributor for Rockwell Automation throughout the South Pacific region, we are now also the sole Authorised Service Provider in this region for the automation giant. Through our SMART digital devices, NHP can assist you to achieve better visibility into processes, data and analytics. We have helped thousands of customers on their digital transformation journey, enabling the Connected Enterprise.

When it comes to finding a local partner with a global network for your next project, choosing NHP will unlock a world of expertise across electrical and automation products, systems and solutions. 

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NHP Services and Solutions – offering so much more than quality electrical and automation products

In conjunction with our major supply line partners, NHP offers our customers services and training solutions, leveraging industry and technology-specific expertise, to maximise operational investments, improve your business and meet your everyday needs.

Technical training

With over 500 technical training courses, seminars and workshops held annually across Australia New Zealand, NHP can help to improve your knowledge in the areas of automation and process control, hazardous areas, safety standards, drives, vibration, PLC software, enclosures, computerised maintenance management systems and much more.

On-site support

NHP, backed by Rockwell Automation, offers a range of on-site field service solutions to suit a wide range of needs. Whether your need is for installation and commissioning, migration, emergency breakdown or lifecycle services, NHP has engineers and technicians placed in strategic locations throughout Australia and New Zealand to respond to your needs.

Repair and remanufacture

Are you confident that your spare parts will operate correctly when needed? NHP takes pride in our repair and remanufacture capabilities. Our repair technicians or supply partners will repair or remanufacture your equipment, using replacement parts that meet or exceed the original design specifications.

Simple, flexible and worry-free service agreements

NHP offers a range of tailor-made service agreements, from spare parts management, on-site and phone support, repairs and preventative maintenance.

Installed Based Evaluations (IBEs)

An Installed Base Evaluation™ provides better knowledge for you to make informed decisions, thanks to insights into your installed base. This is much more than simply counting parts. It’s a thorough analysis of your critical plant assets and their condition.  

This service provides the knowledge needed to help you make data-driven decisions regarding the support and obsolescence management of your installed base assets. With an IBE, we can help you better understand and pinpoint your lifecycle risk by site, area, line, machine and panel. By optimising your maintenance, repair and operations, we’ll help ensure you have the right parts, in the right place, at the right time.  

An IBE will enable: 

  • Thorough analysis - the IBE goes beyond simple part counting and provides a comprehensive analysis of critical plant assets and their condition; 
  • Data-driven decisions - the service equips customers with the knowledge needed to make data-driven decisions regarding the support and obsolescence management of installed base assets;
  • Lifecycle risk identification – you’ll be able to pinpoint lifecycle risks by site, area, line, machine and panel, helping you to proactively manage and optimise your assets;
  • Optimise maintenance and spares - by optimising maintenance, repair and operations, the IBE ensures you have the right parts in the right place, at the right time, reducing costs and increasing uptime;
  • Inclusion of non-Rockwell Automation products - the IBE collects both Rockwell Automation and non-Rockwell Automation products, creating a comprehensive plant hierarchy model for the facility;
  • Consultative approach - the IBE delivers analysis and recommendations through a consultative approach, helping you to understand the impact of equipment updates and spare parts management strategies;
  • My Equipment dashboard - access to an online tool that provides easy to read dashboards with the ability to maintain the asset list as changes occur on site, giving an updated analysis to lifecycle risk and spare parts management.

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A game changer in mine safety! 

The most likely time for an arc fault to occur in a switchroom is during electrical and mechanical operations, such as switching, isolation and racking of circuit breakers. It is common practice in the industry to use personal protective equipment for operator protection during these operations, however it is more effective to isolate the operator entirely from the arc fault hazard. Isolation involves personnel being separated from the energised electrical equipment and conductors. 
NHP's TemRack iR  is a fully integrated automated motorised racking device, which enables remote racking of the Terasaki TemPower 2 AR ACB body in and out of its associated carriage. The automated racking function permits safe isolation of the ACB with zero physical interaction between personnel and the ACB, thereby reducing the risk of exposure to explosive arc fault events and high incident energy.

Minimise risk and maximise safety with NHP's TemRack iR.

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Medium voltage solutions that are built to last!

NHP’s MV products and solutions include a range of switchgear manufactured in Belgium by our quality manufacturing partner Switchgear Company (or ‘SGC’), transformers manufactured in Italy by Trafo Elettro and customised kiosk solutions manufactured in Australia by NHP. The MV switchgear is high quality and packed with safety features and the range consists of the ‘DF-2’ and ‘DF-2+’ air insulated panels and the ‘DR-6’ and ‘DR-6+’ gas insulated RMUs. 

NHP’s MV transformers include both cast resin and oil immersed types, which can be supplied enclosed or unenclosed. NHP can also customise kiosk solutions, including full MV/LV kiosks, outdoor enclosed MV switchgear sub stations and outdoor rated enclosed transformers. Coupled with a local, experienced, customer centric team of MV experts, NHP excels at providing project solutions that focus on:

  • safety for people 
  • reliability of product 
  • availability of power 
  • compliance to standards 
  • customisation of solutions to meet customer needs.

Features and benefits of NHP’s  medium voltage range include:  

  • ‘Arc-Killer’ quenching system, which quenches an arcing fault in less than 50ms 
  • Visible earth switch and in line isolation 
  • Highest levels of safety when testing cables 
  • Cast resin transformers with arc mitigation by design reduce the risk of fire 
  • No need to externally vent arc fault gasses 
  • Switchgear with a 50 year design life 
  • Modern vacuum switching and load break technology 
  • Proven performance 
  • Sets a new standard for reduced partial discharge 
  • Most advanced method in HV winding fabrication 
  • Environmental and climate class tested

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