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Setting the standard for protective equipment and fall prevention

The mining sector is notorious for being slow when it comes to embracing new technology.

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SKYLOTEC is one of the world’s leading brands for protective equipment and devices.

A Family-Owned company, SKYLOTEC has been developing and manufacturing fall protection solutions for over 75 years and offer an extensive product range across multiple applications including height safety, confined space, rope access, tactical access, and rescue equipment.

SKYLOTEC is currently at the forefront in the design and manufacturing of the “next generation” of equipment with a focus on improving outcomes for users.

These principles of innovation and quality have been at their core since their foundation in 1947, fortifying their position as market leaders with decades of experience, showcasing expertise in production of protective equipment and corresponding quality assurance systems.

In 2021, SKYLOTEC acquired ActSafe - the market leader for motor-driven rope winches - expanding SKYLOTEC’s development and production of leading-edge motorised ascension equipment.

SKYLOTEC ACX Power Ascender

SKYLOTEC’s ACX Power Ascender is a game changer when it comes to safety, flexibility, and versatility.  This battery-powered hoist is a motorised system that enables transportation of persons or materials to areas which are difficult to access, where either occasional or frequent work is carried out. Operators in fields of industrial work-at-height use ACX Power Ascenders to improve their production abilities daily. 

The ACX Power Ascender can be used for personnel or materials lifting.

The ACX system considerably simplifies, accelerates work and negates a need for expensive access systems or lifting platforms such as cranes or EWPs, saving time, money, and space. Countless rescue scenarios can also be carried out efficiently and effectively with the ACX.

Not only do many work areas have limited access for heavy lifting platforms, but these platforms often aren’t readily available, leading to costly delays and extended timelines. Light weight and compact, the ACX enables immediate response to any lifting task, and can be performed without taking up a large operational footprint.

All these attributes are ideal for shutdowns, which can see numbers of personnel on site surge dramatically within a matter of days, leaving space at a premium. It can also be controlled remotely up to 150m away, keeping operators well and truly clear of any fall hazards.

Key features:

  • Battery powered or connect to mains power.
  • Light weight (13kg).
  • Extremely portable & simple to anchor
  • 200kg load capability (higher loads possible through use of mechanical advantage systems).
  • Rescue version (RCX) with 250kg load capability available.
  • Adjustable ascent/descent speed (MAX. 24m/minute).
  • Remote control operation (up to 150m).
  • Water and dust resistant (IP55).
  • Emergency stop control.

Key benefits:

  • Ability to lift and lower both personnel and materials.
  • Simple and safe – reduced risk of incidents.
  • Fast and efficient - reduced operational downtime / Increased productivity.
  • More cost-effective than lifting platforms or cranes.
  • Highly versatile with various modes of operation.
  • Simplifies technical rescue by eliminating the need for hauling systems. 
  • Reduced footprint and easy site access.

Compact and lightweight, the ACX Power Ascender can be easily transported and deployed quickly, and efficiently.

ACX training

SKYLOTEC conducts specialised training and refresher courses for the ACX system. Training can be customised to the application requirements of individual users.

Highest safety and manufacturing standards

SKYLOTEC’s robust equipment is built using raw materials and engineering expertise from Germany and across the EU.

Their long-term contracts with European suppliers also help create supply-chain security, an invaluable reassurance to SKYLOTEC customers that depend on their equipment every single day.

SKYLOTEC’s quality assurance systems fulfil requirements of European PPE regulations according to (EU) 2016-425 module D, and management systems of SKYLOTEC meet requirements of internationally recognised standards and regulations, such as ISO 9001.

High-performance products for the highest level of safety. That's what SKYLOTEC stands for.

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