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Australia is a land of mining giants, but such are the riches to be extracted that several junior mining companies have started to make inroads. So, who are the smaller mining companies leading the charge and how do their business models differ?

We also consider whether miners need to wake up to the threat of cyberattacks, after an EY report revealed that 97% of mining companies admit their current cybersecurity systems do not meet their needs, take a closer look at Volvo’s plans to unlock the next generation of autonomous vehicles by using 5G mobile technology, and explore Australia’s budding battery business.

In association with GlobalData, we round up the biggest projects leading the mining turnaround in the Asia Pacific region, and ask whether miners are doing enough to protect wildlife, after a new snake species found in Australia was immediately designated at risk because of nearby mining operations.

Plus, we learn how Australian miners can recruit enough staff to take advantage of a new boom as the industry recovers from the commodities downturn.

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Katie Woodward, editor