Getting tough on hard water

Ecosoft Water Conditioners have been proven to to solve problems associated with Hard, Brackish & Hyper Saline water used in mining equipment in underground mines both in Australian and overseas applications.

About EcoSoft

Located in Perth, WA, with over 21 years of experience, EcoSoft is one of Australia’s leading suppliers of hard water treatment systems for domestic, commercial, industrial and mining applications.

Benefits to Mining Equipment

  • Increases the life components

  • Reduce equipment downtime

  • Reduce operating costs

  • Maintenance free

Ecosoft products reduce mineral deposit build up. 

Condition your water supply, quickly, safely and affordably.


Ecosoft products produce no harmful waste or emissions. Ecosoft is a planet friendly water conditioning solution.

Quick Install

EcoSoft Water Conditioners requires no special tools and are easily installed.

Once installed, you reap the benefits immediately.

Money Saving

Start saving on time and money invested in chemical or mechanical removal of lime scale and other fouling. Ecosoft conditions your water making everything easier to clean!

Simple Science

Ecosoft is a simple product, that causes amazing reactions to water, safely and reliably. No moving parts, it’s all in the science!


Rio Tinto (Hope Downs) – Ecosoft Water Conditioner Trial

The aim of the trial was to ascertain the effectiveness of the Ecosoft Water Conditioner in protecting the flushing water system and associated equipment from the build up lime-scale caused by the use of ground (hard) water in the system.

Problems associated with the build up of scale included:

  • Reduced system pressure and flow
  • Premature system failure
  • Increased maintenance
  • Over heating


The RioTinto, Mobile Equipment Maintenance Planner who oversaw the trial was extremely pleased with the results and ordered a further 8 x ECO335 Ecosoft Water Conditioners to be fitted to the remainder of the drill fleet at Hope Downs.





Ground water with high mineral count used for dust control and drilling operations has left scale and calcified components in the compressed air/ water injection systems.

Effected Machines

Atlas Copco PV271 and D65


Install the Eco-soft 220 water treatment system to all drills. Testing of the device installed to one machine returned notable results.

EcoSoft 220 water treatment systems were installed to all drills in Western Australia.

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