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Enretech supplies a complete solution of eco-friendly risk management

and contamination control materials to heavy industries and mining

companies globally. They offer bioremediation solutions and expertise,

as well as spill management products for all spill types and sizes.

Contamination is a 

growing issue in mining

Hydrocarbon spills are an inevitable part of mining, and spills over 19.9 litres must be reported and treated. But many treatment options are costly and time-consuming, and contribute to further environmental risks.

  • Sending contaminated soil to high-temperature incinerators to be treated contributes to serious emissions.

  • Physical excavation can lead to further contamination 

  • Aeration carries risk of air pollution 

  • Letting materials sit in quarantine creates an ever-growing pile of contamination 

The increasing focus on sustainability and protecting the local environment is putting pressure on mining operations to react to these spills appropriately.

Low cost, low risk

remediation solutions

Enretech’s remediator product is a sustainable and cost-effective method that uses microbes to remove contamination naturally and quickly from the soil. Most bioremediation products take multiple uses to see results. But Enretech has created a product that allows you to carry out bioremediation yourself, with just one application.

Remediator is a soil decontaminant that has been charged with oil-degrading, naturally occurring and supplementary micro-organisms (no genetic modification or bioengineering). As a result, the Remediator product removes the need for expensive and difficult remote treatments for small remediation projects. For larger remediation projects, Enretech delivers complete soil and groundwater bioremediation services through our associate company, Novorem.

Using their Microbiology expertise and state of the art technology, Enretech, in association with Novorem, are able to deliver complete bioremediation services, from testing contaminated samples to supplying appropriate cultures and nutrient amendments for the bioremediation process. Bioremediation services have been growing in popularity in the mining industry for good reason:

  • Requires less disruption

  • More cost-effective (We once saved a particular site over $100 million)

  • Sustainable and environmentally friendly option

  • Reduced risk of contamination of the surrounding environment

Sustainable spill solutions

Contaminated soil is just one of the safety challenges mining companies face every day. On top of Remediator, Enretech offers a wide range of sustainable and cost- effective spill solutions capable of containing and removing oil-based, water-based and Hazchem spills. Enretech’s range of solutions include:

All Enretech products are made from sustainable cotton, meet or exceed absorption regulations, and can safely be disposed of in landfill. Australian owned for more than 20 years, Enretech is widely regarded as a leading spill and contamination solutions supplier, whose cost-effective products have received global acclaim.

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