The safest and most

advanced portable

power distribution

system available

Three phase power boards

Providing a main distribution hub, Powersafe’s industrial range is the industry frontrunner for safety and reliability. Buy standard or customise to your needs.

The Guardian

The Guardian is the perfect entry level power board for those requring IP66 protection with the added safety or a braided lead. The Guardian meets the requirements of mining and construction sites.

3-phase braided leads

When in use, the copper braid around the diameter of the lead (covered by iuter sheath) is connected to the earth pin at plug and socket  end. If the lead is damaged, electricity will flow to the earthpath, tripping the RCD or earth safety device, providing saftey for personnel and equipment.

Mountable/generator powerboards

Multi-purposes distribution boards designed for your generator or workshop wall. Can be customised to suit your needs.