Vehicle towing solutions for the mining industry

Hayman Reese Mine Spec is specifically designed to provide best practice functionality and safety for mining applications.  When using a standard towbar, a pintle adapter will, in many cases, downgrade the load rating of the towbar based on the manufacturers specifications.  Standard towbars may not be designed, tested or approved for any configurations other than a standard trailer ball mount. Standard towbars are generally purpose built for driving in normal conditions only.   Mine Spec towbars are designed and engineered to give you the best and safest solution for maintaining the manufacturers full tow rating. Whilst standard towbars are not built for use in recovery, the integrated recovery points engineered into the Mine Spec range allow for safe use of the towbar in recovery applications. All Mine Spec towbars are fully compliant to Australian Standards and ADR certified  for highest performance.

1. Integrated 5 tonne rated recovery points for rear recovery on either side of the vehicle. 

2. Modular pintle hook maintaining the vehicle's tow rating. Standard bolt pattern makes it easy to have the right pintle application for each site. 

3. Low maintenance design with high-security Nyloc fasteners and MetalShield multi-stage paint finish.

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Hayman Reese the towing business specialists


Our dedicated business partners are here to ensure we provide the correct tailored solutions for your team. Understanding your needs and working with our product and engineering team in Melbourne, our business partners will  ensure you have only the safest highest quality towing products.


Hayman Reese towbars are designed and manufactured to exceed AS4177, the Australian standard for towbars. Hayman Reese towbars are tested in a dedicated National Association of Testing Authorities (NATA) accredited towing test laboratory in Australia.


Every Hayman Reese towbar is specially protected against corrosion by MetalShieldTM; an advanced e-Coat and tough powder coat finish, that provides protection from the elements.

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