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China’s Belt and Road Initiative is so vast that it will result in the global demand for copper rising by 22% by 2027, according to the International Copper Association. The demand is likely to affect over 60 Eurasian countries and have ramifications across the globe. But how will it play out, and what do miners and investors need to know?

We also find out how Russian miner Nornickel is embracing digital technologies to stay ahead of the curve in the battery metals sector, investigate the main objectives of the Innovation for Cleaner Safer Vehicles programme, which brings together 27 mining companies and equipment suppliers including Caterpillar, GE and Komatsu, and talk to Jubilee Metals Group about its plans to reprocess large historic tailings in Zambia.

Plus, we explore Nova Scotia’s Mining ROCKS! Competition, which offers cash prizes for high school students who make the best videos celebrating mining’s benefits for society, and find out more about a new challenge to encourage Canadian innovators to develop new, clean technologies for crushing mined rock.

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Katie Woodward, editor