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Micronised Mineral Solutions Pty Ltd (MMS) awarded Australian Patent for “Method and Apparatus for Acidic Surface Water Treatment” (Micro Reactor technology) in 2018 and is continuing the patent development of its locally manufactured reagent. 

MMS has developed an innovative in-situ acid mine water treatment process for the decontamination of acidic water containing high levels of dissolved (bioavailable) metals stored on active and legacy mine sites. Through a Commonwealth Accelerating Commercialisation Grant MMS engaged GHD as an independent third-party consultant to implement a comprehensive water sampling and ecotoxicology assessment program to evaluate the effectiveness of the MMS in-situ acid mine water treatment process at a legacy mine pit within the Hayes Creek area in the Northern Territory.

This water treatment process uses a combination of patented Micro Reactor technology and MMS Reagent to treat water bodies containing high levels of dissolved metals in-situ. This evaluation was based on the treatment of a 1.3 gigalitre mine dam with an initial pH of 4 containing high levels of dissolved metals.  Project treatment was completed within a 4-week timeframe including mobilisation and setup of dosing hardware and de-mobilisation from site.
GHD’s evaluation of this project identified the MMS in-situ acid mine water treatment process significantly reduced the bioavailable metals within the water body and related toxicity. The treatment process greatly improved the discharge water quality so with dilution with river water, the water quality at the downstream compliance point will meet the ANZECC (2000) 90% species protection guidelines. When compared to the current caustic soda treatment processes being used on site, the improvement in water quality and subsequent reduction in toxicity after using the MMS Reagent compares favourably in price and detoxification outcomes.

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