The mining industry relies on powerful haul trucks, but they are expensive when you consider the initial cost, their reliance upon hard surface roads and the continual road maintenance necessary to keep them performing. 

SmithCo has developed a range of off-haul road trailers for use on mine sites. They are designed to address the changing needs of the mining industry, as they are dual-function, lighter and can carry loads for longer. 

Mine operations are increasingly using satellite sites, so operators need vehicles to transport material to the processing and shipping locations. On-highway trailers are far too heavy and are only dependable for short distances.

SmithCo offers side-dump trailers and tipper-style trailers to keep your operation moving. SmithCo side-dump vehicles are available in capacities of 50t to 100t, and double sizes are available. 

Truck-trailers are fast, efficient and cost-effective; an ideal combination for a reliable process.

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