Editor's letter

Issue 40 • February 2024

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Cover image: Lithium ore a facility in Australia. Credit: Carla Gottgens/Bloomberg

Plummeting lithium prices have wreaked havoc on the Australian mining sector, as slow electric vehicle sales see supply exceed demand. In this issue, we find out how recent shifts in demand and price have impacted Australian lithium miners and what their response has been. 

Despite Australia's efforts to reduce coal and increase renewable power, old habits seem to die hard as coal continues to play a key role in the country's energy mix. We explore how energy policy, domestic demand and export markets are shaping the near-term future of coal mining and get an outlook for coal production up to 2030. 

The International Council on Mining and Minerals has set a goal of eliminating all deaths from mining vehicles - the highest cause of deaths in the industry - by 2025. We check in on this ambitious initiative and look at the essential role that collision avoidance systems, and technological innovations in this equipment area, will play in reaching the goal.  

Read on for this and more news and insights from Australia's mining sector.

The MINE team