Eliminate the Challenges & Risks Associated with Hot Works, with the Geographe Greaseable Hoist Pin

Caterpillar Haul Truck Standard Hoist Pins are often susceptible to seizing, due to harsh operating conditions. This often results in maintenance teams using hot works like thermal lancing to lance out the seized pins, increasing planned fleet downtime and exposing maintenance teams to safety risks, due to the use of hot works. 

To eliminate the deviation from safe working practices, we partnered with a global gold miner to develop the Geographe Enhanced Performance™ (EP) Greaseable Hoist Pins, a solution designed to enhance standard hoist pins.

The EP Greaseable Hoist Pins can be effortlessly greased through the truck's auto lubrication system, transforming the extraction process into a safer and more efficient operation.

As well as there is no modification required to critical parts of the machine, offering complete interchangeability.

What are the Associated Risks with Hot Works?

Hot works, such as thermal lancing is a widely used technique in mining operations to remove worn or seized components in earthmoving equipment. However, this practice comes with inherent risks that can jeopardise worker safety. Learn more about the associated risks of thermal lancing below:

Heat-Related Challenges

The intense heat generated during thermal lancing can significantly alter the properties of surrounding materials, potentially compromising their structural integrity. Weakened metals may become more prone to instability or failure in the future.

Environmental Concerns

Thermal lancing relies on the combustion of oxygen and iron rods, leading to the release of emissions and pollutants. Without proper ventilation and emission control measures, the mining environment's air quality can be adversely affected by gases and particulate matter.

Safety Risks

Thermal lancing produces high levels of noise due to the intense heat and combustion process involved. Prolonged exposure to this noise can cause permanent damage to the hearing health of workers, and the inhalation of fumes during thermal lancing can contribute to lung damage or trigger asthma. 

Fire Hazards

The use of open flames and high temperatures in thermal lancing poses a significant fire risk, particularly in mining environments where flammable materials or gases may be present.

Experience Improved Maintenance Practices with the Geographe Greaseable Hoist Pins

Increase operational hours & machine productivity.

Prevent bore damage by reducing the need for welding and line-boring repairs.

Improve safety by eliminating the need for hot works and associated risks through the enhanced auto-lubrication system.