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The Kemppi X5 FastMig welding workhorse.

Mining in Australia can take place in some of the most remote, barren and demanding environments on the continent and requires the use of tools that are robust, reliable and productive.

One of the tools used extensively on mine sites and/or in the mine’s maintenance shop is the welding machine. Welding equipment is employed to construct, repair or modify metal products that are essential to a mine site. Welding gear is also used to repair equipment and machines ranging from light service vehicles to large crushers.

In addition to the need for quality welding machines, the welder on a mine site also often finds himself/herself working in a challenging environment. Welding in confined spaces is common, as is the need to stand, squat or kneel for extended periods of time to complete welding tasks.

The Kemppi X5 FastMig combined with the SuperSnake GTX makes access for welding easy.

Kemppi and the X5 FastMig welding machines

To help meet the welding needs of Australian mines and professional welders in the sector, Kemppi developed the X5 FastMig family of welding machines. Kemppi is a pioneer and a global designer and manufacturer of intelligent welding equipment and welding management software. Kemppi solutions meet both demanding industrial applications and ready-to-weld needs.

The X5 FastMig is a multi-process welding system for MIG, DC (lift) TIG and stick welding (MMA), as well as gouging. Available with 400 and 500 amp in both pulse and non-pulse models at 60% duty cycle, the X5 is a modular system that can be tailored to your specific mining needs.

According to Kemppi Australia’s Managing Director, Paul McVicar, “The X5 FastMig is a true workhorse, it delivers a range of features to help significantly enhance arc welding productivity and quality in the mining sector, while easing the task for the professional welder.”

Key Features of the X5 FastMig

Easy operation and setup

The X5 FastMig is very easy to operate. The graphical and impact-resistant 5.7” TFT display panel illustrates all the required information clearly and without the use of abbreviations. Plus, for the welder’s convenience, the wire feeder’s sturdy rotate-and-push buttons can be operated with gloves on or off.

The X5 can also be quickly set up thanks to Weld Assist. This feature saves time and makes welding easier with automatic parameter settings. Just select the material thickness, joint type, and welding position, and start welding. Memory channels are also available to customise and save personal settings for fast and easy retrieval.

Faster welding and quality welds

The X5 FastMig series delivers greater productivity thanks to Touch Sense Ignition when combined with Kemppi’s WISE and/or MAX special process software solutions. Touch Sense Ignition enables a reliable, non-short-circuit ignition, which when paired with WISE and/or MAX solutions delivers precise ignition capability and stable arc control. In doing so, the X5 FastMig delivers increased travel speed, while minimising spatter and creating high-quality welds. The need for post weld cleaning is reduced, saving time and money, while boosting productivity.

Industry 4.0 ready

The X5 FastMig Pulse is also industry 4.0 ready when combined with Kemppi’s optional WeldEye ArcVision. This digital, cloud-based solution collects welding parameters, arc-on time and filler material consumption. It lets users monitor welding activity in real-time to ensure that welding procedure specifications are accurately followed to help boost productivity.

Excellent welding ergonomics

The ergonomically designed, top-loading wire feeder saves space and improves occupational safety when changing wire spools. The time saved loading the wire when compared to a traditional wire feeder, helps minimise downtime while increasing the welder’s arc-on time at the mine site or in the maintenance workshop.

The modular design of the X5 FastMig allows you to tailor your setup.

Easily access hard to reach places in the mine

The X5 FastMig series is compatible with the SuperSnake GTX sub-feeding system, which lets welders easily access difficult places inside the mine. Welders can weld up to 30 meters from the primary wire feeding unit. Plus, the GTX’s user interface places parameter adjustment at the welder’s fingertips, including manual wire feed speed and voltage control or automatic power regulation and fine-tuning. Thanks to the GTX, the welder no longer has to walk up and down the mine to adjust settings, and can now easily access difficult spots.

Modular flexibility

The X5 FastMig can be tailored to the needs of your mining site or maintenance workshop. Choose from different kinds of transport units, remote controls, and interconnection cables of various lengths. The 4-wheeled cart features a pivoting cylinder plate that allows safe cylinder loading at floor level without extra lifting.

Robust construction

Made in Finland, the X5 FastMig series has been built to last. The various models feature an injection-molded plastic casing that absorbs knocks, and together with the impact- resistant display panel, ensure the machine can withstand challenging environments.

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