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Appreciation of the effect of changing regulations enables mine operators to proactively assess and respond to their relative exposure. A proactive response enables the operator to retain control of change processes in advance of a regulatory direction enforcing the change, the resource demand and the timeframe.
By way of example, Aspect Environmental looks at the requirements of the NSW Mining Amendment (Standard Conditions of Mining Leases – Rehabilitation) Regulation 2020 and how operators can respond and retain process control.


orking underground is a very arduous and dangerous job, in which the thorough maintenance of vehicles and structures is an essential factor for the safety of operators.

In the mining sector, highly specialised equipment is required and stringent machinery specifications need to be met. Due to experience gained in this industry, Dieci Australia have become specialists in “Mine Spec” equipment, working with customers to produce customised machines to suit their requirements.

“Our team are experts in telehandlers and the needs of our customers,” says Dieci Australia’s National Sales Manager, Anthony Lockwood.

“We are able to locally design, customise and manufacture attachments and machine options to ensure each telehandler is perfect for the specific application while, complying with Australian standards.”

Dieci is also committed to delivering the best results in extreme conditions by offering power, compact dimensions, ease of use, and smoother movement. The Dieci Research & Development Centre is constantly working to find the best aesthetic and ergonomic solutions for the perfect combination of style and comfort.

With a wide range of Italian-made, mining telehandlers available, Dieci guarantees extreme performance, versatility, and flexibility for all kinds of maintenance work. A long service life and sturdy build allow Dieci machines to be the leading product in the market.

What needs to be covered in the risk assessment?

Dieci’s diverse range of fixed boom telehandlers feature lift heights of 6m to 10m, starting with the 2.5 tonne Apollo through to the 21 tonne, heavy-duty Hercules. The Apollo, otherwise known as the “mini-handler,” is a multi-purpose vehicle with outstanding versatility. A wide range of accessories are available for installation, including lifting hooks, clamps of various types, excavation and aggregate buckets, and winches.

The slightly larger 3 tonne Dedalus, stand-outs due to its handling, power and precision. These models thrive underground thanks to their increased capacities, lifting heights and greater fluidity of movement. Also, worth a mention, the 4 tonne Icarus suitable for larger jobs with a lift height of 17m.

Telehandlers available in the Samson and Zeus ranges are suitable for heavy and intense work because of their great strength, power and lifting heights. They have a swing kinematic mechanism that makes loading and unloading heavy materials a much more comfortable and safe experience for the operator. These models have a 125 hp engine and are available in lift heights of 7m to 10m.

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Top-of-the line, fixed boom telehandlers can be found in the Hercules family. Positioned as the “giant” of the market, these models span from 10 tonnes to 21 tonnes in size. The Hercules range use all their strength in large quarries and mining sites and can be characterised by optimised combustion management thanks to SCR exhaust gas treatment technology and hydrostatic transmission. These models are also fitted with Load Sensing- Flow Sharing proportional distributor with electronic control and “inching” pedal control, which allows the vehicle to run at slow speed even when the engine is at full throttle.

Available in the rotating boom range is the 4 tonne to 6 tonne Pegasus. With either continuous (360°) or non-continuous (400°) rotation, these telehandlers can be fitted with a variety of accessories, making them suitable for many tasks. The Pegasus can safely and easily reach tall heights, lift heavy loads and, thanks to the rotation system, work on multiple points without having to reposition itself.

Dieci Australia also offers a range of truck mixers and dumpers, perfectly suited to work in tight spaces and designed expressly for mine work.

Characterised as the most powerful Italian hydrostatic truck mixer, Dieci mixers are unique for their strength and manageability. Dimensional stability and a long life are guaranteed due to the high thickness of steel used for the mixing drum.

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Dieci’s dumper range is also very versatile, lightweight, and easy to handle. Each model has specific characteristics, especially designed for every work requirement. Central articulated steering provides a tight turning radius, so that it can easily move onsite.

Dieci heavily invests in meeting safety standards through the design of appropriate load charts and verifications for their complete range of machines and machine attachments.

According to Mr. Lockwood, every one of their machines and every machine attachment combination has a design verification.

“We won’t release a product to the Australian market unless it has one. We also have an independent external engineer who signs all of those off on every new machine or attachment that comes out, including attachments that they have developed themselves,” he said.

Dieci mining equipment is available across Australia through the Dieci Australia dealer network.

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