Cleaner, Safer, More Productive Material Handling Since 1944


Our main priority is to offer the best solutions for your bulk material handling!

Since 1944, we have manufactured durable products that help our customers handle bulk materials efficiently, safely and profitably. Our products and solutions are the best in the world at keeping belts clean and minimizing carryback, making transfer points more efficient, managing fugitive dust and preventing obstructions in material flow.

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Minimize installations and maintenance time

In the harsh environments where our products are in use, regular routine maintenance is just part of the business. We manufacture quality products that are easier to install and simply more durable, while lasting longer with a consistently predictable service life. Our solutions keep conveyor belts clean and correctly aligned and minimize dust intrusion, which helps all your other equipment last longer before needing maintenance or replacement.

Improve Efficiency

In an industrial environment, efficiency is critical. With so many moving parts in the process, they have to be precisely coordinated to make sure that the product is moved efficiently without spilling or sticking to the conveyor belt. When problems occur, materials accumulate quickly, causing loss of product and equipment damage. Our specialists will go to your production site and diagnose your problem, suggesting the best product options to boost your productivity.