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Minova is a leading manufacturer of products used in underground hard rock mines. Our solutions support safe and optimal ore recovery, support with cavity and void filling, ground control, provisions for managing water ingress and air control.

We have helped customers for more than 17 years. Download and read about our partnership with Round Oak Minerals and how we helped their Bentley Underground Mine maximise the recovery of stopes. We were able to redesign their stopes to extract the rib pillars and mine the entire sill pillar.

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1. Cavity & Backfilling

Increasing pressure from mining activity and variable geotechnical conditions can cause fractured ground, which if not supported, may lead to incidents of rock fall or roof collapse.

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High volume grouts

2. Ground Control

Ground control is fundamental to the integrity and safety of underground mining operations. Rock reinforcement methods vary and include point anchored bolts, friction bolts and grouted bolts. Minova offer multiple solutions for a wide range of bolts.

Not all resin bolts are the same.

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3. Water control

Water ingress into an underground mine can represent a major risk if not recognised and rectified.

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4. Ore Recovery Optimisation

Many hard rock mines have sterilised rich ore left behind in vertical and horizontal pillars. With the placement of backfill adjacent to these resources, our solutions support safe and optimal ore recovery operations.

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