Yancoal Moolarben Coal Operations Utility Vehicle Delivery

The first of the Yancoal Moolarben Coal Operations Torque Titan Explosion protected Underground Coal Utility Vehicles was delivered early this week. This machine is the first of ten (10) custom built 10 Tonne lift capacity units that will be delivered to Moolarben Coal in the next twelve (12) months.

More Power and Torque

Work continues on the 160KW Explosion Protected Diesel Engine System (ExDES) and the heavy lift Utility Vehicles. ExDES type testing results have been encouraging. 

Mudgee Registered Service Facility

Torque Enterprises (TE) is setting up a product support and general maintenance Registered Service Facility in Mudgee NSW.  

The expansion to Mudgee will deliver product support for new Torque Enterprises products and Torque Enterprises Overhauled equipment in and around the Mudgee area.  The intent is to also provide: 

  • Code D Mechanical overhauls.
  • General Explosion Protected diesel powered equipment repairs.
  • Spare parts support.
  • Hydraulic Hose and fitting services.

Torque Enterprises has a Service Technician based in Wollongong who will provide product support for new TE products and TE Overhauled equipment in and around the Wollongong area.  

AIMEX 2019

Torque Enterprises will have two (2) 10T Torque Titan Utility Vehicles machines at AIMEX 27-29 August. The are quite different in the build specification.  They have both been customised to suit the end user’s requirements. 

The Latest Machine Getting a TE ExDES Repower
The task of repowering a mechanical drive Explosion Protected grader is underway at TE Mackay. The retrofit will deliver a jump up in power and torque and a significant reduction in parts usage.