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CommoditiesLatest (31/03/2021)Past month value% change on one month% change in a year
Minerals and metals

Aluminum (US$/mt)2,319.392,190.485.8958.87
Iron ore, cfr spot (US$/dmtu)179.83168.186.93112.24
Copper (US$/mt)9,324.828,988.253.7484.36
Lead (US$/mt)2,011.921,948.003.2821.38
Tin (US$/mt)28,328.4227,061.004.6889.45
Nickel (US$/mt)16,521.2516,406.660.7039.96
Zinc (US$/mt)2,829.012,791.941.3348.63
Gold (U$/oz.)1,760.041,718.232.434.57
Platinum (U$/oz.)1,208.811,181.002.3560.35
Silver (U$/oz.)25.6925.650.1570.51