With 35 sold and installed systems APC Analytics fully automated analyser SOLAS® is the dominant coal analyser in Germany, SOLAS is used in nearby all huge lignite-fired power plants and by all coal producing companies. Furthermore, SOLAS systems have been installed in Czech Republic, USA, Brazil and China.

SOLAS is used in order to increase mining efficiency, optimizing sout-blower control and prevent slagging-effects in power stations, assists to fulfill SO2 emissions regulation etc. and delivers a fast return on investment.

The Prinicipal

APC Analytics SOLAS system is a fully automatic analysing system for the rapid determination of substances in all kind of bulk goods. Typical installation sites for the equipment are loading, conveying and processing facilities in open-cast and underground mines. The SOLAS principles are as follows:

  • Pneumatic sample transport system, multiple sampling points and processes possible
  • EDXRF-Analyser with a low energy X-ray tube, no radioisotope material, no protection areas required, dose equivalents not measurable
  • SOLAS can measure sulphur, ash, aluminum, silicon, chlorine, potassium, calcium, titanium, manganese, iron, etc. In basic version BTU is derived from the mentioned data by using an ash-based model, Optionally the system can be extended with a microwave moisture meter,
  • Easy calibration process, internal recalibration / drift control system included

A rapid determination with a measuring result every 1-2 minutes gives a real-time trend of the conveyed material’s ingredients.

Using with Sampling Systems

SOLAS is perfectly suitable for the use together with sampling systems and easy to install anywhere nearby. SOLAS takes by suction a sample from the reject feeder of the sampling system and blows back the measured material in the reject. Such a system was recently installed in a US power station and impressed there with the easiness of installation, calibration and the reliable results.

Complete systems including steelworks, sampling, sample preparation

In case a sampling system is not already installed, Apc analytics develops and manufactures sampling, sample processing and analysing equipment to the individual demand of the customer. Typically such system consists of a hammer-sampler, a sample preparation unit including a two-step sample preparation. Apart from planning, producing, installing and commissioning these fully automatic samplers and analysers APC can deliver as well the steelwork construction or if necessary can take responsibility for all other tasks up to turnkey projects.

What We Offer

APC Analytics also offers individual solutions for other kind of analytical problems. Furthermore, apc analytics acts as a service provider and manufacturer in the fields of automation engineering, control cabinet construction and special machinery. The equipment designed and produced by apc analytics has been used in the mining and mineral processing industries as well as in thermal power plants since more than 30 years. APC delivers a fast and reliable aftersales service to all installations and has partners in US and China in order to support the customers worldwide.

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