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Black Moth designs and builds intelligent mobile vision and communication solutions for heavy machineray. Built to withstand the toughest conditions, the atlasMX platform provides blind spot free surround vision, real-time imagery and object detection capabilities to increase driver and autonomous awareness and enhance worksite safety.

Intelligent, Integrated and Connected

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Increased safety
Vehicle operators must constantly monitor and review information in order to detect and assess hazards from inputs such as materials, events and the environment. At the same time they are dealing with restricted vision of the heavy vehicle they are operating. Increased awareness has a positive effect on drivers, their direct vicinity, and reduces incidents along with resultant claims.

A Black Moth vision system provides 360-degree visibility without blind spots, including a top-down perspective for driver situation awareness and people detection. It allows operators to safely gather and convey materials, and minimises risk while driving, manoeuvring and repositioning machines. IP cameras have the potential capability to independently assess the environment around the vehicle and alert the driver or fleet manager if a safety hazard is detected. Black Moths industrial vision servers capture and record high definition imagery and enable fleet operators to remotely retrieve footage on demand for monitoring purposes or to investigate incidents. Protected by a cast aluminium enclosure, the server houses a second industrial computer as a build option that can be utilized to declutter the cabin and enable tighter integration between advanced vision processing and existing on-board systems.

Success stories

Industry leading server
The vision server tigerMX-5 offers a powerful package of extremely rugged hardware and numerous features. It incorporates a dual computer system, in built recording and connectivity vision and detect capabilities, to provide a decluttered and consolidated machine infrastructure that customers can rely on. Its sturdy single cast host box secures recorded imagery providing conclusive evidence in the event of an incident which can be retrieved on demand for monitoring or investigation purposes.

Smart IP cameras
The smartMX-180 camera series includes a powerful vision processor on board that allows detection and decisions to be made regarding what the camera sees. It delivers crisp and clear videos and snapshots at up to 30 frames per second, captured with high sensitivity HDR sensors. Each camera is capable of processing its environment independently to achieve short response times for early detection of risks. The smartMX-180 easily withstands high pressure wash downs (IP69K) and operates in extreme environments.

The vision server tigerMX-5 offers a powerful package of extremely rugged hardware and numerous features

Black Moth designs and builds intelligent mobile vision and communication solutions for transport and heavy industries

Customer focus
A big advantage of the atlas system is the fact, that it’s not a one-size-fits-all solution. The Black Moth team continues to customise its solutions and services with their customers to suit their individual needs. Not many systems on the market undergo continuous integration, data collection, and in-the-field hardening, which provides long term benefits for all customers.

Strong partner
In 2012, J.J. Richards & Sons, one of the largest Waste Management companies in Australia, was looking for a suitable operational computer platform, combined with a powerful vision system for their fleet of over 1,500 vehicles. Existing technology available in the market was inadequate; either due to poor quality, lack of capability or difficulty of integration. The company sought the assistance of Black Moth to co-develop a unique, integrated platform to suit their needs. Later in 2014 a partnership was formed between J.J. Richards and Black Moth to provide the benefits of the system to the wider industry.

Black Moth systems undergo intensive testing and field trialling across Australia and New Zealand. J.J. Richards & Sons’ fleet. This gives Black Moth a large proving ground and in effect a live test fleet for their products, which is a competitive advantage and customers directly benefit from it. The success and social proof within the waste management sector is a great segue for Black Moth to engage with other industries where their solutions are relevant. The focus is expanding to other markets where this technology is applicable, including the Mining, Construction, and Civil sectors.

About us
Black Moth designs and builds intelligent mobile vision and communication solutions for transport and heavy industries. Based in Brisbane, the technology provider drives innovations to enhance worksite safety for heavy machinery. A dedicated team of industry experts, genuine entrepreneurial spirit and cutting-edge technology enable high-end solutions to support operations in diverse industries. To deliver extremely robust and durable products, Black Moth banks on high quality standards and exclusive in-house development. Customers benefit from tailored solutions, exemplary service and a true partnership approach.

Using our supplier contacts, we were able to find what the client needed, saving them thousands of dollars on downtime.

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