Customised Polyurethane Parts and 

Drill and Blast Solutions

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Our History

  • Founded in 1992, PR Polymers Pty Ltd (PRP) is an Australian company, specialising in the manufacture and supply of mineral processing products, customised polyurethane parts, drilling consumables and air decking/stemming products for the mining and drilling industries globally.
  • Our core values are: customer solutions, customisation, innovation, safety and environment. We truly believe in our core values and put them into actions in our daily business. They guide our actions and decide who we are in the eyes of our clients, partners and employees.
  • With the harsh Australian climatic conditions in mind, we also manufacture additional high quality products to standards which are suitable for use worldwide. In over two decades, PRP has grown to become an industry leader and over that time has gained an enviable reputation for the quality and performance of its innovative product range.
  • Our clients include but not limited to the BHP, Westfarmers, Rio Tinto, Glencore, Thesis and Orica. Our experienced and passionate team are dedicated to providing our customers with exceptional product’s, and service.
  • We also have representatives nationally and internationally. From our local Manufacturing facility and head office in Brisbane Australia, PRP proudly innovate, test, manufacture, package and market our full range of products based on our customer requirements. We also have a wealth experience in importing and exporting and extensive shipping capabilities. As a result, we have confidence to deliver our products and services to Queensland, Australia and the whole world.

Products We Offer

  • KOOLKAP® Down-Under bags have been patented. They have been designed and developed under a Quality Management System (ISO 9001) with the goal of Zero failures. Currently, they are one of the safest and most environmentally friendly bags on the market with non HFC and with a global warming potential of only 1.
  • KoolKap® Bikini Bags (KBB) are self-contained decoupled charges for use in the larger diameter blast holes of open cut mining. KBBs can hold up to 100 liters of product and the booster/primer can be placed directly in the product or in the external pouch of the bag.
  • Customised deflector sheet is specifically engineered with high rebound qualities to ensure your cuttings are deflected well away from the hole, reducing wasteful and costly redrilling from fallback.
  • Customised capabilities and services are also provided by our own innovation engineering and expert team. These services include but not limited to open cast polyurethane (MDI/TDI) mouldings, engineering and machining, abrasive blasting and corrosion removal, CAD part and mould design as well as fabrication and welding.
  • Drill Hole Savers of different sizes and colors have also been customised by PR Polymer’s. We manufacture both rotor moulded and injection moulded cones which can be used to keep your drill hole collars clean and reduce fallback and ground water leakage.

Contact Us

Company name: PR POLYMERS

Postal address: PO BOX 300, 142 Mica St, Carole Park QLD 4300 Australia

Contact Numbers:

Ph. +61 7 3376 5999

Ph. +61 427 779 510

Ph. +56 22 233 6823

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