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Control Systems Technology (CST) has designed and built their own precision belt weighing products and supported them throughout Australia for over 35 years, working tirelessly to provide customers with the best possible weighing system experience. Proudly manufacturing all components of its weighers, including electronics and weighframes, CST provides accuracy guarantees on its weighers and calibration services. 

With continuous development and improvement of their own rugged and reliable equipment, CST has earned an enviable reputation in the field of in-motion weighing and maintained a solid, enduring presence in the market. With well over 3000 active installations worldwide, CST has become a major presence in the Australian and export markets. 

CST has now developed a number of world firsts in belt weigher design, creating belt weighers of the highest accuracy +/-0.1 %, self-checking, and internet-accessible weighers. 

The company offers a wide range of products and services, including: 

  • Weigh rollers 
  • Weigh feeders   
  • Volumetric scanners 
  • Platform scales 
  • Portable weighbridge 
  • Weighbridge servicing 
  • Weight certification 
  • Remote calibration

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What distinguishes CST from their competitors is their commitment to research and advancements, constantly pushing the boundaries of performance not only in isolated factory environments, but amongst the harsh conditions that can be encountered on Australia’s mine sites.  

This continued focus on product development means that CST boasts many unique products with outstanding performance. CST’s electronics sets also have many innovative features, including a built-in linearity check, and the ability to test and calibrate PLC I/O without having to load the weigh frame with weights.

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CSRR (Closed Space Roller Rack)

The principal of the Closed Space Roller Rack (CSRR) design is to improve accuracy by reducing the ratio of angular misalignment effect of the tensioned belt, achieved through an increased effective weigh length and significantly reduced material and belt agitation within the transition of material into and out of the weigher zone. 

This system is able to provide 0.1% repeatability for periods of up to 12 months without recalibration and has demonstrated itself as the only system on the market capable of this level of accuracy.


This wireless autonomous weigh roll unit is CST’s latest innovation. Intelliroll interfaces to the CST IntelliRoll smartphone app or the CST Intelligent Cargo Scale Panel. 

Users can download all data to their device when within Wi-Fi range of an IntelliRoll set. Alternatively, a PC computer or a CST weigher interface panel can be used to constantly monitor the weigher output and communicate to a PLC or perform control functions for the conveyor systems.

MaVIS-ARM (Mass and Volume Information System)

The Intelligent Cargo Scale is one of the most advanced multifunctional weighing electronics in the world. 

Knowing the Mass, Volume and Bulk density means you can be assured cargo fits before loading to avoid overfilling and material spills. With multiple options for viewing bulk density – real time, average per hold and average for the total ship - you can now complete each ship load in the minimum time with precise results. The Laser scanner gathers the cross-sectional area as well as centre of load, centre of belt, surcharge angle and more.

Volumetric Laser Scanner

Volumetric laser scanner system with CST’s WIM3 integrator allows real time monitoring of surcharge angles, material volume and material edge margins. System can be stand alone or integrated over weightometer for a total mass and volume information solution.

Remote Calibration Service

The costs of calling out a service technician can be alleviated through the CST Remote Calibration Service. Sites will still need to provide one of their own staff members during calibration, but this is quicker and more efficient than waiting for a service technician to travel there.

What the Remote Calibration Service offers: 

  1. Routine calibration checks via remote presence  
  2. Emergency assistance and troubleshooting via remote presence 
  3. Remote inspection of equipment health. (For permanently installed Modems)  

Many customers have formed long term relationships with CST, regularly purchasing CST equipment for each new expansion.  

As well as continual product development, CST invests heavily in building and training an extensive, readily available service and maintenance team. This ensures the ongoing high performance their equipment is capable of. There are many good reasons for using the manufacturer’s own specialist trained team, with backup and resources to handle everything from routine maintenance to troubleshooting ‘mystery’ problems. The CST team includes many employees who have chosen to stay with CST for more than 10 years and several for over 20 years. This has been invaluable in assisting and maintaining their relationships with customers, many of whom have been faithful customers for the life of the business. Their wealth of industry experience means the service team can help any make of weigher perform to its best possible capacity.

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Due to CST’s contributions in the field of high accuracy belt weighing, they have become involved in committee work with various government standards institutes. CST took part in the Australian National Measurement Institutes’ development of NMIV7, the Uniform Test Procedure standard for trade approved belt weighers. CST has also been invited to sit on committees in the USA facilitated by the US National Institute of Standards and Technology, working on modifying and improving the current Handbook 44. CST are working to increase respect for and knowledge about belt weighing, with the aim to improve the standard of belt weighing worldwide.

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CST have a 3,200m2 fully equipped factory space based in Sydney, NSW, with a team of specialists with a range of skills and expertise. They also have smaller workshops for weigher repair and installation work in QLD and WA, together with a worldwide network of agents and resellers. The size of their facility allows them to handle projects of any scale - from the world’s largest mine conveyor, to high-capacity train load out systems, to weigh hoppers, to small platform scales.

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