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Oliver Footwear: Stepping up the game in footwear innovation

Oliver boots for diverse industries and the harshest working conditions

Established in 1887, Oliver Footwear, Australia’s leading safety footwear manufacturer, has a century-long legacy rooted in gold mining in Ballarat, Victoria. Founder James Oliver, a UK boot-maker, arrived in Ballarat, during the mid-1800s gold rush. While his gold quest proved fruitless, his boot-making skills thrived. In 1887, he founded Oliver & Stevens, crafting tough and durable boots for the needs for miners and farmers. 

Today, Oliver Footwear maintains its commitment to excellence, safety, and innovation, with a history of high craftsmanship standards and continuous research and development driving the creation of innovative solutions for challenging work environments. Oliver Footwear has become a trusted choice for workers and safety professionals across diverse industries.

Comfort without compromise

Oliver Footwear believes that comfort should not be a compromise. Recognising that workers often spend extended hours on their feet in challenging conditions, and discomfort can lead to decreased productivity and increased fatigue, Oliver Footwear is committed to ensuring absolute comfort through a range of innovative technologies. These include the Oliver COMFORTcushion® Impact Absorption System that provides superior cushioning and shock absorption; NATUREform® wide profile safety toe cap, padded with a latex cushion liner to keep toes comfortable and protected; NANOlite® Footbed that massages feet during walking to reduce feet fatigue; SOFTstride® Comfort System that absorbs impact with each stride; to a revolutionary antimicrobial technology that guards against odour, staining and deterioration caused by micro-organisms, ensuring long-lasting freshness.

65-490 150mm Brown Lace-up Boot from AT 65 Series, 100% waterproof and caustic resistant.  

Unmatched performance

Oliver boots are engineered to perform at the highest level in the most demanding environments, giving wearers the confidence and support to focus on their tasks. The PORON® XRD™ Metatarsal Guard Extreme Impact Protection not only offers comfort, flexibility and lightness but also eliminates the need for bulky, rigid padding. Upon impact, it forms a unique protective shield, absorbing up to 90% of the most intense impacts. The long wearing All-Terrain (AT) dual density PU/rubber outsole is designed for superior grip and durability, and withstands temperatures of up to 300°C. Other features include water resistant full grain leather, electrical hazard protection, resistance to abrasion and cutting, and excellent SRC rated slip resistance, to name a few.

65-791 350mm Black Laced-in Zip Mining Boot from AT 65 Series, 100% waterproof premium full grain leather steel toe mining boot.   

Rugged resilience

Oliver boots are renowned for its durability, achieved through a combination of advanced construction techniques and meticulous craftsmanship. These boots are thoughtfully engineered to endure the harshest workplace conditions while ensuring extended use, from the use of tough leather uppers to reinforced stitching. Oliver boots are backed by a 6-month manufacturer’s warranty and 30-Day Comfort Guarantee, providing peace of mind to wearers.   

Be it for mining, construction, manufacturing, and more, where durable and dependable footwear is essential, Oliver Footwear has you covered. Oliver Footwear is not just a brand; it's a longstanding legacy of excellence in quality footwear.

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