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In the bustling world of material handling, where efficiency and safety are paramount, effective solutions emerge as game-changers. Martin Engineering, a global leader in bulk material handling solutions, counts with special equipment for protecting the conveyor and its components, guaranteeing their availability and reliability. 

One of the key issues of handling bulk material is reducing equipment damage and increasing its lifespan. That is exactly the main role of Martin®’s Impact Cradles.

Softly protection your equipment

Designed to absorb the force of falling material at transfer points, minimizing damage and excessive wear to the belt and structure, Martin Engineering’s belt support products also cut down on fugitive material and runaway dust, which can cause substantial health and safety hazards.  

Comprising a sturdy frame with energy-absorbing bars, Martin®’s Impact Cradles act as a cushioning mechanism. When materials are deposited onto the conveyor belt, the Impact Cradle evenly distributes the force, minimizing the risk of damage to the conveyor system and ensuring a controlled material discharge.

Supporting your production goals

Martin Engineering's Impact Cradles are remarkably versatile and can be customized to suit various conveyor systems, materials, and industries. It finds widespread use in mining, aggregate production, cement manufacturing, power generation, and numerous other sectors where bulk material handling is a critical component of operations. 

The controlled discharge of materials achieved through this equipment also ensures a more uniform distribution of material on the conveyor belt. This prevents spillage, belt mistracking, and uneven material flow, thus optimizing conveyor system efficiency and reducing material wastage. 

And, of course, since safety is a top priority for Martin®, our Impact Cradles significantly reduces the risk of conveyor belt and idler damage caused by material impact. By diminishing the force of impact, it minimizes the likelihood of conveyor-related accidents and injuries, fostering a safer work environment for employees. Our belt support products also eliminate pinch points where trapped material can gouge the belt and over time, compromise its structural integrity. 

Martin Engineering's Impact Cradle stands as a synonym of efficient belt support through its ability to enhance safety, prolong the lifespan of conveyor components, improve material handling efficiency, and adapt to diverse applications has made it an indispensable tool for industries worldwide.  

Martin Engineering's unwavering commitment to innovation and safety has undeniably reshaped the future of material handling. Our belt support products are available to support a range of belt widths and can even be customized to accommodate unique conditions when necessary. Give us a call!

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