Creating a Lighter Solution to OEM Heavy Sling Pins

In the Pilbara region of Western Australia, a prominent mining company encountered a significant issue concerning the handling of 12kg steel OEM tray sling retaining pins on their Caterpillar 793F haul trucks. Aware of the challenges posed by the pins' mass, they endeavoured to find a solution by reaching out to their partner Geographe, to make them lighter. Together, they combined their expertise & passion to safety, to significantly reduce the risks faced by workers during the installation and removal of these pins.

A Safer, Lighter Alternative

During the collaboration process, a crucial step involved conducting a comprehensive metallurgical analysis of the standard OEM pin by one of Geographe's in-house metallurgists. The original pin material presented a challenge due to the weight of the mass accompanied with the handle design, presented an opportunity for improvement. After conducting an analysis, Geographe decided to replace the steel used in the OEM design with a high-tensile material. This material change offered a unique advantage of preserving strength while significantly reducing weight. After a successful trial at the Tier 1 Miner’s site, Geographe’s Tray Sling Retaining Pins will be available to Australian and international mine sites in early 2024.

How does Geographe's Tray Sling Retaining Pins Create Incremental Safety Gains through Engineered Solutions?

The improved handle design creates improved ease of handling.

The pin decreases deviation from safe working procedures.

With a weight reduction of over 40%, it decreases the chances of strains and slips.