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Safety shower chillers, cool-off systems, and water vest chillers

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We support the mining industry with chilled water technologies that improve the productivity, safety and comfort of employees working in hot environments.

In Australia's hot climates, potable water temperatures above 40°C pose several problems, affecting safety, comfort, and productivity.

Safety shower chillers

Elevated temperatures lead to essential safety equipment becoming unsafe, increased water wastage from anti-scald valves, bacterial growth in stagnant water lines, health issues, reduced productivity, and higher staff turnover. 

Chilled water technology addresses these concerns, focusing on safety, comfort, and productivity. Safety shower recirculation technology ensures reliable emergency showers, reduces maintenance, and eliminates Legionella bacteria and water wastage. 

This chiller technology also cools residential and mine site showers and helps regulate body temperature with water-cooled vests. 

Safety Shower Chillers are crucial for on-site safety but can be problematic in elevated temperatures, leading to: 

  1. Excessive Line Temperatures: Risk of scalding due to safety showers exceeding safe water temperature limits. 
  2. Legionella Growth: Stagnant water fosters rapid Legionella bacteria growth in supply lines. 
  3. Water Waste: Anti-scald systems continuously waste potable water. 

To tackle these issues, Safety Shower Recirculation Technology prevents stagnant water and Legionella growth. Heat Trap Chillers ensure a constant supply of cooled water, eliminating waste. The Flo-Thru Safety Shower, with Heat Trap chillers, enhances safety and reduces costs by eliminating water wastage and lowering maintenance.

Heat Trap Chillers recirculate potable water from connected safety showers, passing it through a UV sterilizer and cooling circuit before returning it to the showers.

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These chillers can link with up to multiple safety showers based on design conditions and heat gain from the connecting lines. Installation options include integrating them into existing infrastructure or setting them up in new installations. Customized solutions are available to suit specific needs and applications, with a collaborative design approach to achieve the best solution.

Cool-off systems

FIFO workers face tough 12-hour shifts in hot mine conditions, resulting in varied experiences, overheating, inadequate accommodations, and high staff turnover.

Cool-off systems provide a solution by allowing workers to adjust water temperatures for cold showers, offering physical and mental benefits like improved willpower, reflexes, muscle relief, reduced anxiety, depression, and boosted immunity.

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The Heat Trap CO300MP Cool-Off system allows 12 people to enjoy cold showers twice daily, even with incoming hot water, by simply turning off the hot tap. These systems actively cool water supplies, enhancing employee well-being with temperature choices, often overlooked in tropical climates.

Water vest chillers

Water Cooled Vests offer a valuable solution for regulating body temperature in hot environments, significantly improving workplace well-being and performance. Consequences of heat stress include an inability to effectively shed metabolically generated heat, which can lead to reduced mental capacity, heatstroke and long-term health effects.

Our Water Vest Chiller units circulate cool water to Water Cooled Vests, providing immediate temperature relief and comfort to personnel. This solution can support staff over wide distances from a central chiller hub, thanks to recirculation technology that maximizes water use efficiency.

Our Water Vest Chillers are self-contained units designed to deliver chilled water at a rate of up to 60 litres per hour per vest, offering an efficient solution for your specific needs by increasing Recommended Thermal Work Limits up to 60%.

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