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IVMS Systems with Video and AI Driver Monitoring 

Geobox supplies fleet IVMS systems to the mining services and transport sector in Australia. The company offers a comprehensive range of GPS tracking (telematics), in-vehicle video and driver monitoring solutions (DMS) designed to improve safety and drive operational efficiency.

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Fleet IVMS with AI Video

Geobox has been providing IVMS and Video solutions to the mining industry for over 10 years We offer suite of devices to suit all fleet sizes, asset types and applications from simple portable plug-in devices to full multi-camera systems with ADAS and DMS. These solutions connect with a range of web and mobile applications and services with integration options to connect with your existing systems.

Our solutions can meet the fleet compliance specifications of the major mining and resources companies (Rio Tinto, FMG, BHP etc) or can be built to your own specification.

Capabilities include: 

  • Multi Camera Dashcams and DVRs with AI 
  • Driver Fatigue Monitoring (DFDM) to detect distraction and micro-sleeps. 
  • ADAS (lane departure, forward collision warning, tailgating)  
  • Live Tracking and Trip Tracking 
  • Communications over 4G, Iridium and/or Wi-Fi 
  • Top speed alerts 
  • Rated Road speed speeding alerts 
  • Road Sign speeding Alerts 
  • Local Geofenced speed alerts 
  • Harsh Events 
  • Driver ID (various methods) 
  • Panic Button 
  • Rollover detection 
  • Sensor detection (Seatbelt,4WD, Park brake etc) 
  • In-cab alerts 
  • Office notifications and Reports 
  • AI Tools to manage the "noise" from false positive Events. 
  • FTC claims 

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Driver Fatigue Monitoring

We offer a range of stand-alone and connected Driver Monitoring devices to suit all vehicle types.

Low-cost plug and play devices for self-install that simply alert the driver when eyes closed or distracted. These are perfect for Contractor Fleets looking for a cost effective and easy to implement compliance solution that also provides peace of mind to drivers driving to/from site.

More sophisticated hardwired devices that offer more advanced AI algorithms and full configuration of Event Types, Sensitivities and Outputs. 

  • Drowsy Driving 
  • Distraction 
  • Phone Use 
  • Smoking 
  • No Driver 
  • No Seatbelt 
  • Face ID 
  • Seat Vibration 
  • Video Out to DVR 
  • Integration options 

These solutions can augment existing IVMS systems providing a trigger Event output or connecting video into existing camera systems.

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Mining Asset Tracking and IOT Monitoring Systems

Geobox is a leader in the tracking of unpowered assets in the transport sector and offers a suite of ultra-long-life battery-powered 4G and satellite GPS tracking devices to the mining sector.

These have the capability to track asset position, kilometre usage and run hours to aid operational visibility and planning, as well as enabling usage-based maintenance. Battery life can be between three and ten years for each asset, depending on reporting cycles.

Additionally, we offer a suite of battery and solar powered remote tank level monitoring devices with optional sensors for temperature, pressure, flow, humidity, and turbidity. These IoT solutions typically use 4G communications to the Cloud, but we also offer satellite, LORA, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth devices.

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