What We Do

CM is a privately owned, independent, global commodity research company specialising across a range of base metals, minor metals and minerals industries.

The combination of a proven primary research capability and researchers who are approachable, dependable and naturally inquisitive, offers an alternative means of collecting, synthesising and analysing industry data to provide deeper and more revealing insights.


Essential analysis and tailored delivery

We’ve learnt over the years that each of our clients is unique, as are their cultures and their particular delivery requirements.

CM works closely with each client to tailor deliverables for seamless integration into existing systems or into larger projects or analytical frameworks. Our key deliverables include supply demand balances and outlooks, industry cost structures (including cost curves), price forecasts, operational capability comparisons, logistics assessments, technology developments and advisory on government policy.

Over the past 20 years, CM has forged a reputation for delivering objective, independent and thorough industry analyses – and for keeping it simple. We explain, clearly, the forces at work in the industries we know and the markets we cover. We provide insights into cost structure, supply demand balance, competitive landscape, government policy and more, all of which is based on solid, objective and well-researched data sets. We can deliver in a variety of corporate environments including workshops, web meetings, in-person presentations or just basic reports. Output takes the form of easily digestible analyses based around simple and straightforward charts, tables and figures, set to a narrative that provides solid context and clear direction.


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The CM Group global headquarters is located in Adelaide, Australia. If you have any questions regarding CM, feel free to contact us.

4 Milton Street Glenelg
South Australia

Phone: +61 8 8294 7261