Link N Light Industrial LED Light System is built with a robust design for use in harsh environments such as underground mines, tunneling, commercial and construction industries. The LED strips, DC cables and end covers are encapsulated in silicon tube by a single injection process to achieve the highest degree of protection against water and harmful substances. Two versions are provided, a 3 x15 metre version of standard AC voltages, and another of 2 x15 metre for AC mains of 415V.



LINK N LIGHT is a revolutionary, easy to install and functional LED Lighting System. The plug and play flexible cabling and light unit is made to last and withstand the tough, harsh mining environment with an IP rating of IP66.

LINK N LIGHT is an Extra Low Voltage LED Lighting System. It does not require an electrician or electrical personnel to install provided that the manufacturer’s guidelines are followed. This is due to the Extra Low DC voltage output to the LED strip lights and the quick connectors and plugs.

The patented LINK N LIGHT integrated LED Light and Cabling System is an LED Strip Light that also contains supply cables. These supply cables can be used to extend to the next light, supply a separate area of lighting or in certain cases allow for an emergency light feed. The options are only limited by your imagination and the laws of physics.

LINK N LIGHT is flexible and has multiple uses; underground and dark mining environments, tunneling, travel roads, loading areas, tipples, chutes, wet areas, general lighting, ore passes, remote mucking areas, haulage, production and development drilling, under crushers, along and over conveyor belts, shafts and ladder ways, substations, access drives, sumps and pumping areas, field maintenance and emergency services.

It can be installed in runs in excess of 180 metres depending on power supply box size.
Link N Light has three main components.

  • The LINK N LIGHT LED power supply panel Indust1
  • The patented LINK N LIGHT integrated light and cable
  • The joining connectors and plugs

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Power Supply Enclosure

LED Lights are electronic equipment. Good clean power is essential for electronics. The power for LED’s is supplied from mains power comes through a LED driver. A quality led driver is a must for LED’s. It can make or break a light, lengthen or shorten its life. Using an inferior quality driver not only can damage your light but can also give inferior power output and hence light output. Meanwell LED Drivers are recognised as the industry standard in LED lighting drivers. This is the driver that East West Lighting use and recommend.

The voltage input can be supplied by 110V-415VAC depending on customer requirements. The output of this box is 48VDC. This supply panel must be connected by a licensed electrician or a lead can be fitted to the panel.

The Power Supply Box has:

  • Circuit protection for both supply and outgoing circuits
  • Power metering to ensure that the system and LED strips are functioning correctly.
  • A lockable isolator for working on the system
  • Quick connector sockets that allow quick connection and disconnection of outgoing circuits.
  • Can be manufactured to customers’ requirements. Can be assembled from PVC, steel or 316 stainless steel.
  • Extras can include input supply healthy indicators. ELCB protection on the input supply. Mounting brackets to go on rock bolts etc. Customers’ requests are welcome

The LED Strip Light

The LED strip light is robustly built to be used in any industrial, tunneling, commercial or construction environment. The light itself contains:

  • Cabling that connects to the next light by quick connect plugs
  • Robust silicon rubber coating
  • IP66 protection rating
  • Comes in 15 metre lengths
  • Light comes with two through feed cables to connect to next light or next cable depending on your needs
  • Extras include clips for catenary or wall mounting

Quick Plug Connectors and Joiners

  • The joining system is a tried and tested plug manufactured by a reputable company. This has been tested to extremes and found it is the best suited plug and play system for a rugged and versatile system
  • Using quick plug connectors and joiners ensures that the lights can be installed quickly and safely. The joiners click together but cannot be disconnected without a tool.