In this issue

A recent report from the UK Office of Science and Technology states that while the UK is dependent on imported critical minerals for many sectors there is no specific strategy for their supply. A worrying thought given recent trade wars and their implications for supply, we take a look at the possible risks.

We also look at the state of mining in the Amazon, profiling the countries and players involved, and, in a world where coal mining is increasingly being phased out as renewables come to the fore, we examine the mining of coal and other minerals in Poland.

Also in this issue, we assess the market dynamics and future prospects for nickel, size up mineral exploration in South Africa, and find out whether the UK's biggest mining project is doomed. 

Plus, we ask whether global supply chains are prepared for automation following a report showing Australia alone could lose $32bn of value and 265,000 jobs if the supply chain doesn’t grow to meet the coming demands, and layout the timeline of events of the Pike River Disaster with a focus on the lessons learned. 

Callum Tyndalleditor