Welcome to the latest issue of MINE Magazine.

This month, we look to the past to consider the future. With the news that the Responsible Mining Foundation is ceasing operations, we assess the group’s impacts after a decade of holding the world’s miners to account.

Beyond this, we ask what the future will hold for mining ethics, and whether companies across the industry will hold themselves to high social and environmental standards without the foundation overseeing their work. 

Elsewhere, we consider the future of two of the most influential regions in mining: the superpower that is China, and the emerging powers of Africa. 

Regarding the former, we ask if Chinese dominance of critical minerals is not just an industrial imbalance but a state of affairs that threatens geopolitical stability, and ask what can be done about this situation. Regarding the latter, we speak to Boris Ivanov of Emiral Resources about a Fraser Institute report into mining viability across the continent, and consider what individuals countries can do to attract more international investment.

For all this, alongside our usual range of news and Ukraine updates, read on.

JP Casey, editor