Ex Stainless Steel Range 

AusProof’s high voltage stainless steel coupler and adaptor system has been innovatively designed to offer a continued earth shield, segregating the three phases and maintains the same symmetrical radial distribution of voltage stress. This eliminates the risk of a phase to phase fault.

AusProof’s Ex Stainless Steel Range is the only product in the flameproof market where the gland can be tensioned at any time without removing any components. Each component in the Ex Range has been researched and developed by AusProof so all parts work together to create a reliable, integrated system of the highest quality.

Removable Flange

The additional feature of the Ex Range is the removable flange – eliminating the guess work of having to make crucial decisions on whether or not the flameproof path is out specification. AusProof developed a simplified process, where the only requirement is the removal of 4 screws and the front flange can be replaced in any environment without having to move the cable. This can be done by anyone, at anytime, with no prerequisite skill set.

Live Line Indicator

Through extensive testing over the last couple of years, AusProof’s research and development department have re-engineered and improved the existing live line indicator on the market.

The indicator now boasts 50,000 hours of life is noticeably brighter. As a result, this new and brighter technology improves visual awareness and operator safety.

Additionally, the live line indicator has reduced electrical components, with increased reliability.

Stainless Steel Range Features

  • Live line indicators

  • Full phase to earth segregation

  • Solid face and body casting

  • Tension the gland without remove the clamp

  • Detachable adaptor flange

  • Genderless design

  • Silicon phase connectors