A World FIRST: Eliminating Reaction Arms

Safe, Efficient, Accurate Bolting Technology

Powered torque wrenches offer a level of digitally controlled precision that is essential to a wide range of bolting applications on fixed and mobile plant. 

However, their reaction arms also present a significant pinch/crush hazard and can cause devastating injuries. Company’s must put their workers safety and wellbeing first by equipping their team with the safest tools.

The Solution: TopTorqueTM

Engentus TopTorqueTM system is a ground-breaking innovation that delivers safety, power and precision to your bolting applications. TopTorque is a precision reactionless bolting system that eliminates reaction arms and the hazards they create. TopTorque removes ALL known bolting safety hazards, ensuring that teams are protected from the risk of serious injury that is imposed by powered torque wrenches.

The TopTorque bolting system works with conventional hex nuts or with the revolutionary Segnut lateral release fasteners.

Built for A Diverse Workforce

The TopTorqueTM system is a highly accessible lightweight, vibration-free and customisable tooling system that operates quietly for maximum torque accuracy.


TopTorqueTM’s patented internalised reaction mechanism removes the dangers of external reaction arms. It eliminates crush risk and reaction “kick-back” and the catastrophic injuries they cause. It delivers smooth, non- vibrating torque with minimal noise, eliminating vibration injury and hearing damage.


Safety doesn’t mean compromising on performance. TopTorqueTM integrates with commercially available power torque wrenches delivering power to the full extent of the wrench’s rating. The revolutionary TopTorqueTM socket can be used with conventional nuts or SegNutTM.


TopTorqueTM provides accurate and reliable installation of threaded fasteners. It integrates with off-the-shelf, battery powered, digitally controlled torque wrenches to deliver precise, repeatable torque when accuracy matters.

Precision Reactionless Bolting System