About EMO Trans

At EMO Trans we have knowledge and experience in all aspects of maritime regulations and requirements. We have built strong and lasting relationships with the world’s premier air carriers in order to provide you with the best service. Our mission is to utilize our experience and knowledge of the industry to deliver exceptional, customized service to you.

Our portfolio of offered services is extensive.

• Multi Modal Freight Forwarding

• In House Customs Brokerage

• Project Logistics

• Ship / Aircraft Charters

• Specialist Valuable / Desirable Cargo Handling

• Dangerous Goods and Other Specialised Handling Requirements

• Routine & Expedited Pick-ups, Packs, Unpacks and Deliveries

• Bonded Secure Storage with 24 Hour On Site Security Personnel Matched with State of the Art Monitoring and Alarm Systems.

• Warehousing

• Temperature Controlled Storage and Delivery

• Dust Free Storage

• Full 3PL operations including Full EDI capability for Department / Chain Store Orders

• Accurate Real Time Inventory Management

• Aviation and Shipping Spares

Utilising the structure and flexibility within our company, EMO Trans is perfectly equipped to focus on being the competent partner to enable you in todays’ marketplace. Our tailored services, global reach and local knowledge is a perfect fit for your business needs.

Why choose us

Trusted Partner

EMO Trans, since its inception, has enjoyed a proud history of close and long client partnerships. These partnerships have been built on hard work, honesty and above all success at being able to satisfy the needs of those who placed trust in our ability.

When you work with EMO Trans, you have an individual that you can always call directly, an individual who knows the whereabouts all of your shipments, a professional who can advise on the best method to attain your specific needs and goals.

Special Handling

As wide and varied as your needs are, EMO Trans welcomes the hard shipments. Over the past 50 years we have assembled the expertise and licensing to undertake the difficult.

From Lifesaving Time and Temperature Sensitive Radioisotope Medicines to Heavy Construction Equipment, from State of the Art Electronics to Jet Engines, from High Fashion to Toxic or Explosive Materials, we offer an extensive range of Specialised Services to Move, Handle, Pack, Store and Distribute securely and safely to your needs

Project Logistics

Whether it be a Ground up Build, a Ship or Barge Charter, an Aircraft Charter or an Ultra Heavyweight Truck and Placement Project, EMO Trans has the expertise to ensure such important and challenging capital projects are completed on time and on budget. Our project specialists, both locally and globally, work closely and collaboratively to advise and expedite throughout the entire process to ensure successful negotiation of every obstacle.

What we offer

Advanced Technology

Todays’ “e” world demands IT systems that provide immediate results, accurate reporting and ease of system interaction. EMO Trans can boast systems that are on the leading edge of technology. Extensive reporting and tracking functions available to your team in real time, in a variety of formats (including integration with most clients’ in house systems) provide information enabling the decision process in our clients businesses.

Our Integrated Customs Systems mean that your shipments are cleared seamlessly on arrival ensuring availability of your cargo in the shortest possible time.

The system also offers simple one invoice billing with access to full on line access to allow accounting departments to quickly and easily cross reference each shipment against invoice saving time and money on account reconciliations.

Warehousing and Distribution

When your goods arrive, EMO Trans also offers a range of secure storage options both of bonded and free goods. Added to this a full 3PL service for your distribution linked to a level of reporting data far beyond the industry standard. We are happy to work with you to provide a level of real time, totally accurate, reporting that not only enables total confidence in your inventory but also both confirms and enhances your business planning and structures to your needs.

EMO Trans Total Logistics Solution offers a “real time” web based track and trace system for our clients. The shipment milestones are updated automatically as each milestone event occurs. Both you and your customers are able to download data from this database, the database itself can be expanded to capture additional fields required by clients. As noted above, this can also be extended to integrate seamlessly into your in house systems for ease of shipment monitoring.