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Solar lighting and energy storage solutions

Since 2011, Green Frog Systems has been a dominant name in solar street lighting in Australia. Through product design focused on quality and durability for the Australian climate, backed by ongoing innovation, testing, and refinement, Green Frog Systems now delivers a range of solar lighting and energy storage products well suited to many applications across the mining sector.

From lighting up the Flinders Ranges in South Australia in 2011 with more than 100 solar street lights, Green Frog Systems has product installed in every state and mainland territory of Australia including the cyclone prone regions of Western Australia, Northern Territory and Far North Queensland through to local metropolitan parks across the nation.

With our head office in South Australia, the Green Frog Systems brand is becoming increasingly recognised throughout the Asia Pacific region and growing rapidly across North America and the United Kingdom with a reputation for developing robust and reliable solar lighting solutions backed by quality support.

More than half of the country’s coal mines are managed by pro-Russian separatist militia.Credit: DmyTo/Shutterstock.

More than half of the country’s coal mines are managed by pro-Russian separatist militia.

Credit: DmyTo/Shutterstock.


There is increasing pressure for the mining sector to demonstrate more sustainable practices, with the themes of climate change and sustainability prompting the move towards renewable energy sources in areas such as lighting, security and remote operations

Green Frog Systems also designs and engineers easy to deploy sustainable solutions for remote security and communications as well as powering measurement devices and low voltage CCTV.

Solar Lighting and Energy Storage Applications for Mining.

Improve worksite safety by providing dusk-to-dawn lighting for safe movement of personnel and equipment on expansive mining sites without the need to install mains power or noisy and costly diesel generators. Our wireless management platform enables automated or remote operation of Green Frog Systems Solar Lighting products ensures your ability to maintain safe levels of illumination for transportation routes, weighbridges, rail yards, parking and loading areas, access gates and perimeter fencing.

Solar lighting is ideal for lighting semi-permanent and permanent shelters, undercover working environments and recreational areas. The same products can be adapted to illuminate facility blocks or changing rooms to enhance the working conditions for employees while reducing the costs of mains power or portable generation.

Some of the other applications include

  • Wharves & Jetties
  • Assembly Points
  • Pathways & Tracks
  • Perimeter Fencing
  • Weigh Bridges
  • Railway Corridors

Flexible range of Temporary & Portable lighting solutions

Installing solar lighting on transportable concrete blocks provides both protection for the lighting asset while also allowing for their relocation to meet the changing requirements of the operation.

Equally important is planning for the rehabilitation and regeneration of the mine development. Deploying solar lighting removes the need to remove underground cabling or further disrupting the site. Portable solutions can be redeployed to other operations or can be deployed to the local communities to enhance their lifestyle.

Designing and Configuring to your Requirements:

AusProof is celebrating 25 years of business in Australia in 2019.

Green Frog Systems can assist our clients with a wide range of services, including:

  • Product specification, and configuration options to meet your stated requirements;
  • Certified lighting engineers and preparation of certified lighting plans;
  • Installation advisory services to your teams or 3rd party installers;

Unique Green Frog Systems Advantages

Understanding our clients requirements, listening to their feedback, maintaining currency on lighting technologies, and applying innovative design and engineering principles ensures Green Frog Systems maintains a quality portfolio of solar lighting and energy storage solution.

SAM (solar activity monitoring)

It is this focus on innovation that inspired the company to design and develop our Solar Activity Monitoring (SAM) solution. SAM enables our clients to monitor and manage their solar lighting assets from a central location, automatically reporting any faults or facilitating the configuration of dimming profiles or the switching ON and OFF of individual or a group of lights.

Quality Assured Company

Green Frog Systems is proudly certified to the ISO9001 Quality Management Standards. We maintain a stringent focus on continual improvement across our products, services and operations.

Contact information

51 Langford St. Pooraka
South Australia 5095

Tel: 08 7200 3909



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