Digitally Controlled

TopTorque provides accurate and reliable installation of threaded fasteners. It integrates with off-the-shelf, battery-powered, digitally controlled torque wrenches to deliver precise, repeatable torque when accuracy matters. There has never been such an easy precision torque tool.

Lighter Tooling

TopTorque is a trailblazer in lighter tooling. With no hydraulics or pneumatics, and no nests of hoses or external equipment, it completely removes the need for external equipment to help support the weight of the tool. Its lightweight ability makes it easier and more accessible to a wider potential workforce. This tool places the power of workplace diversity right into the hands of company boards and directors, whilst giving workforces the power of highly accessible tooling.

Safer Tooling & Eliminating Crush Hazards

Reaction arms on powered torque wrenches are a pervasive source of catastrophic hand and finger injuries in industrial fastener applications. By eliminating the need for an external reaction arm, TopTorque uses the same power tool to drive a second, integrated socket fitting to engage directly to the end of a custom bolt or stud. It successfully eliminates crush risk and the catastrophic injuries caused by reaction ‘kick back’, whilst also delivering smooth, vibration-free torque with minimal noise - eliminating vibration injury and hearing damage.