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“Sustainability as a Service” to help you fulfil ESG requirements

Achieving a strong ESG performance not only improves your company’s positive impact – it can also give you a competitive edge, lower risk and make your business more resilient. Terran Industries’ Sustainability as a Service formulates and implements a solid ESG strategy for your business, acting as your outsourced sustainability department.

Awareness of ESG frameworks and how to meet them continues to grow within the mining industry – not only out of concern for social and environmental issues, but also considering the competitive advantages of having a strong ESG performance.  

Among other benefits, meeting ESG requirements and disclosing data transparently helps build trust among customers and stakeholders, reduce overheads and bolster business resilience. 

While mining has historically focussed on the governance aspect of ESG, it’s becoming increasingly clear that governance is inextricably linked with the environmental and social aspects. 

With its “Sustainably as a Service” offering, Terran Industries allows you to outsource your sustainability efforts and reap the benefits of a lowered environmental impact.

What are the advantages of a good ESG performance?

Meeting high environmental, social and governance standards is not just about helping to minimise negative impacts on people and the planet. It can also be a key factor to the success of your mining business. 

  • Helps you meet import and export regulations 

In particular for companies exporting to the EU, there are various ESG regulations and carbon taxes to  comply with in order to avoid fines. 

  • Builds trust with customers 

The business world and society at large are becoming increasingly aware of environmental and social issues. Many customers are keen to purchase from suppliers with strong ESG disclosures so that they can be transparent about their own supply chains. 

  • Improves stakeholder & shareholder confidence 

Displaying a strong ESG strategy & implementation with transparent disclosures helps reduce risk and reassures shareholders and others with a vested interest that your company is acting responsibly. 

What’s the link between the E, the S & the G?

The mining industry is very aware of the governance issues around mining and ensuring these are complied with. But a strong environmental performance can help you meet governance requirements, too: many social and governance solutions are met through strategic implementation of environmental solutions. 

For example, developing more sustainable and ethical working conditions leads to happier employees and a more dedicated and resilient workforce. 

Likewise, a quantifiable ESG plan & disclosures helps with risk management as well as stakeholder engagement, as investors in the mining industry are often keen for companies to reduce their environmental footprint.  

Meanwhile, any environmental risks taken by your mining company may hamper your ability to obtain relevant permits, raise capital and protect your assets from impairments. 

How can Terran Industries help you meet ESG criteria?

We are experts in ESG frameworks and have extensive knowledge and networks at our disposal.  

Think of us as your outsourced sustainability team, working alongside and with your business to improve your ESG performance and help you report your efforts accurately and transparently. 

Our ‘Sustainability as a Service’ package primarily targets the two areas that make the biggest impact on your environmental performance: 

  • Supply chain resilience 

We help you in creating ESG-compliant supply chains throughout your entire operations, including electric vehicles (including heavy vehicles), mechanical equipment, office supplies, and workwear, to name a few common areas. 

  • Decarbonisation 

Mining provides key materials used in green technologies, but it is also important to minimise the environmental damage involved in sourcing those materials. We work with you to find solutions to mitigate environmental damage such as water pollution and ecological contamination, while assisting with natural resource management and carbon reduction & capture. 

We help businesses achieve sustainable outcomes by providing structured, ongoing support throughout the organisation as well as for individual projects.  

We are more than a consultancy – we also double as project managers, helping you execute initiatives throughout your operations.

Key advantages at a glance

  • Tailored to your business 

Every mine is different. We address the unique challenges and opportunities of your company, meeting you where you are currently and coming up with a customised strategy to meet your goals. 

  • Priority-led approach 

When we begin working with you, we will do a full audit and identify areas for quick, easy wins alongside planning for longer-term projects to improve environmental performance. 

  • Cost savings 

More environmentally-friendly operations often come hand-in-hand with reduced outgoings. We will help you identify opportunities to cut overheads while also improving environmental performance.

Get in touch with Terran Industries for outsourced ESG support

Don’t take risks when it comes to your company’s environmental performance. 

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