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Eliminate the fugitive material and experience better results


The success of a belt conveyor operation depends on the system's ability to handle bulk material without any waste or damage to the equipment. Therefore, in addition to efficiently removing the product adhering to the belt, it is essential to reduce the amount of fugitive material, preventing dust and fine particles from escaping. 

Thinking about how to overcome this challenge has led Martin to develop a range of Belt Skirting that’s installed along the entire conveyor. With this technology, your operation will experience more safety, higher throughput, better efficiency and consequently more revenue.

As the handling of bulk material varies according to the product transported, Martin Engineering has developed different models of Belt Skirting. Installed along the belt, the side seals self-adjust to maintain an effective seal without the need for frequent maintenance.

Martin experts are available to help define which model is best suited for each application.

We can help you solve any belt conveyor problem!

Martin Engineering was born from the idea that industrial processes can and should be safer, more efficient, and more sustainable. Being a world leader in innovative solutions is the result of almost 80 years of research into solutions for the bulk materials handling. 

Our products seek to make each customer's operation cleaner, safer and more productive. Get in touch with us so that our specialists can carry out a diagnosis on your plant.

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