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eader of the Australian safety footwear market, Blundstone, continues to set the standard high with their new biomechanically designed range, RotoFlex. This world-leading design provides outstanding levels of comfort and safety to its wearers—and is a result of years of research and development into the needs of workers in the trades, mining and construction industries.

The RotoFlex range consists of six styles, each expertly crafted to provide the very best in lightweight safety. Four unisex styles offer five and six-inch ankle heights and the two women’s-specific styles have been designed and made to support a women’s build.

Every component used in the RotoFlex range has been considered—researched, tested, and trialled. Blundstone’s dedicated design team considered several options for each element of RotoFlex to ensure a truly innovative, better performing safety boot. If they couldn’t find
the perfect piece, they created it so Blundstone could deliver best-in-market safety footwear

// RotoFlex® by Blundstone

Features & Benefits

Along with the RotoFlex componentry; GripTek®, AirCell, Fortalite®, SoftCell® and Infinergy® from BASF, there are several other features and benefits that the range boasts.

  • Zipper—the zipper is plastic toothed with an airport-friendly, die cast metal puller. Fundamental testing procedures identified the zips’ impressive lateral strength, burst strength and resistance to fatigue—providing a zip that will hold its function throughout frequent wear.

  • Zip Tab—the zip tab closure is thin but abundant, creating a very strong hold for the tab. The tape isn’t fastened using stitching, but with high-frequency welding for superior grip.

  • Toe Guards—the toe guard has been designed to blend seamlessly with the boot design. It has been constructed to provide greater vamp—resulting in less stress points on the foot. The use of lightweight material, and unobtrusive design reduces the likelihood of trips.

  • Lining—the lining is an extremely durable, soft, knitted textile made from 100% recycled PET. It facilitates a perfect bond between the lining placement and the natural shape of the boot. The vamp of the boot has 4mm of foam inter-lining. The combination of foam and a reduction in adhesives allows the leather to crease more naturally. This creates a cushioning effect, relieving pressure caused when lifting the foot. The foam used is open cell which enables air circulation between the upper and the lining, minimising moisture build up throughout the day.

  • The heel grip lining allows for maximum wear, with suede microfibre that can withstand extended usage all day, every day.

  • Lace Leaders—the lace leaders are designed to guide the laces into the right formation across the boot, without causing friction and abrasion wear. They are plastic, making them lighter, airport friendly and acid resistant. The leaders also allow for laces to be threaded easily whilst providing another degree of grip, ensuring laces won’t loosen during wear.

  • Laces—the laces are made from 100% recycled PET—environmentally friendly, and offer superior strength and abrasion resistance.

  • Upper Materials—the upper leather is water resistant, premium quality, and sourced from accredited tanneries.

  • Counter Stiffeners—the counter stiffener surrounding the heel area helps to maintain the shape and fit of the boot whilst providing support to the foot. It is made from 45% recycled PET. It has been pre-shaped and cut into individual pieces, making it adaptable to the unique pattern requirements for each boot and size, resulting in no waste scraps.

// Featuring a metatarsal guard and Kevlar stitching, the Blundstone #994 is the ultimate choice for above ground miners


Sustainability has been a key decision driver in the development of the RotoFlex range to align with our Every Step Better (ESB) program. RotoFlex has been designed using recyclable and sustainable raw materials, and materials with long-term durability. The sustainability considerations of the range highlight Blundstone’s ongoing commitment to minimise its environmental impact.

  • Designed to last—every element from sole technology, through to stitching, laces, leather, and linings was carefully considered to ensure the boots will stand the test of time. Blundstone’s design team also utilised an extensive wear testing program designed to ensure our products are robust and fit for purpose.

  • Sustainably sourced materials—currently, 95% of the leather used in Blundstone boots is sourced from Leather Working Group (LWG) rated tanneries. LWG is recognised as the peak body that drives and accredits sustainable business practices within the leather industry.

  • Additional elements in the RotoFlex range employ sustainable raw materials—including the heel grip, insole, and counter stiffener.

  • Recycled & recyclable—in 2011, Blundstone became a signatory to the Australian Packaging Covenant. Our packaging is made up of 100% recycled material and is 100% recyclable. We have eliminated single-use plastics from most of our packaging and have been evaluated as leading in this space.

  • In addition, the laces and lining of the RotoFlex range are made with 100% recycled materials.

The RotoFlex range encapsulates Blundstone’s commitment to making every step better than their last, from sustainability through to design and technology. RotoFlex delivers a strong foundation from the ground up, providing unbeatable fit and unrivalled comfort—perfect from day one.

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