Bosch Rexroth

Complete Life Cycle Management



From the moment a machine is designed, a solution for servicing the machine to ensure that maximum life and productivity is achieved, is also conceived.

Bosch Rexroth specialises in this total concept. We design, engineer, maintain and repair hydraulic and electric drive and control products and systems for a wide range of machinery equipment.


Bosch Rexroth are original component and equipment manufacturers and suppliers worldwide as part of the Bosch global network. Using innovative solutions from our reliable, quality, and leading-edge technology products, we bring these expertise and knowledge to the Australian market to make us leaders in Hydraulic & Electric Drive and Control Technology.

Mobile Equipment

Electronics & Programming

Industrial Equipment

Large Hydraulic Cylinders

Training Drive & Control Academy

Hydraulic Power Units

Directional Valves

Pumps & Motors

Proportional Control Solutions


Filtration & Oil Analysis

Installation | Maintenance

Bosch Rexroth in Australia provides a service that encompasses all facets required on an installation project.

From installation on site to scheduled maintenance, our innovative designs are manufactured to keep you moving. Wherever across Australia you need to be, so will we.

Repair/Reman | Modernisation

Bosch Rexroth Repair, Reman and overhaul components & equipment with only Bosch Rexroth genuine spare parts to bring them back to technically and visually new condition. Our service centres are Accredited Authorised Bosch Rexroth Service Centres that adhere to our exceptionally high worldwide, uniform standards of specification and testing. Our commitment and guarantee are Quality and Reliability.

We understand that Australian industries are constantly evolving and adapting to bring about better economic and socio-economic practices. That is why we here at Bosch Rexroth are committed to being experts in the field of modernisation with our technology, know-how and experience.

We provide a complete solution for modernisation projects.