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Exploration is the buzzword and interest is heating up in Russia’s frozen north, but few have cracked the surface of this inhospitable region. Now, companies including Rio Tinto have begun expanding their efforts, and we ­­find out what they can expect to encounter. Also easing access is Zimbabwe, aided by the appointment of new President Emmerson Mnangagwa. We ask if the recent deal for a $4.2bn platinum mine development signals an invitation for greater foreign investment.

With the gemstone sector about to take off as firms look for affordable diamond alternatives, we locate the discovery and excavation hotspots around the world. Also, we find out how Anglo American intends to fulfil its ambitious new sustainability strategy goals, and look into the implications of Michelin Group’s plans to acquire UK-based conveyor belt maker, Fenner, as the former sets its sights on the mining materials market.

And what’s being done to tackle widespread sexual misconduct in the mining industry? We speak to geologist Susan Lomas about her founding of the #MeTooMining Association and why the modern mining ­industry needs this vital movement.

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Ceri Jones, editor