Rogers Brothers Corporation

Heavy-Duty Low Loader and Specialized Mining Trailers


since 1905

Fixed Gooseneck Trailers

Combining durability with convenience, Rogers fixed gooseneck mining trailers are especially useful for hauling medium-sized mining equipment (up to 115 tonnes) for longer distances.

Hydraulically operated rear ramps provide a simple, yet effective, means to load and unload various types of equipment. A variety of deck lengths and widths are available to meet each customer’s specific requirements.

Pre-designed models are available in capacities from 85 tonnes (94 short tons) to 115 tonnes (127 short tons). A severe-duty cantilever suspension equipped with high capacity low profile tires provides a durable, stable ride and minimizes tire replacement and maintenance costs.

since 1905

Detachable Gooseneck Trailers

Equipment that requires a more gradual incline for loading will work well with Rogers’ detachable gooseneck mining lowboy trailers. Loading angles of as little as ten degrees can be provided by reducing the depth of the carrying members at the front of the trailer frame. The use of front folding ramps can further facilitate the loading and unloading of machines. 

The gooseneck is operated by heavy-duty hydraulic cylinders which push off the ground to detach and reattach from the front of the trailer frame. This simple design is the most durable and efficient method available to operate the detachable gooseneck. A gooseneck design that does not contact the ground to operate is also available when required.

since 1905

Custom Design & Engineering

At Rogers, we offer a number of pre-designed trailer models but we also understand the hauling needs of each customer are often unique and can require custom solutions. Sometimes a custom trailer specification may be as simple as adding additional length to an existing trailer design. Other times, a customer may want a trailer designed to carry a specific machine or be towed by a specific tractor.  

Our sales and engineering personnel will work with the customer to gather information and design the trailer that meets those specifications. Along with a price and specification quote, a trailer proposal drawing is often provided. This drawing can include critical dimensions, optional equipment, axle and kingpin loads, and even a specific machine loaded on the trailer.

We welcome the opportunity to work with you to provide the best trailer for your hauling needs. For more information, please contact us.

since 1905

About Rogers

Rogers Brothers Corporation is a leading manufacturer of on and off-highway lowbed semitrailers. Located in Albion, Pennsylvania, USA, Rogers has been designing and manufacturing heavy-duty trailers for over 100 years. For the open pit mining industry, we offer trailers with capacities ranging from 68 tonnes (75 short tons) to 200 tonnes (220 short tons). 

Trailers can be fixed gooseneck rear loading or detachable gooseneck front loading, depending on the needs of our customers. In addition to the mining industry, we also design and manufacture trailers used in the construction, paving, and heavy haul industries – just to name a few. 

All Rogers trailers are constructed using carrying members designed and fabricated with high strength steel in order to provide maximum capacity and durability while minimizing operating weight. When properly operated and maintained, Rogers trailers have been shown to provide decades of dependable service to its customers.