Furnace Oxy Lancing

Improvements in technology over recent years has allowed many of the previously manual tasks in mining and smelting to become safer than ever. One task that still relies on manual interaction is oxy lancing.

That is until now. Lewis Australia has developed the Exolance. A number of these semi-automatic oxy lancing devices are now installed around the world for a variety of metals. Lewis Australia has been automating equipment in smelters for the last 25 years and saw the requirement to remove the operators away from the dangers of furnace tapping.

The operators can now remotely control the oxy lance from a safe distance away from the furnace or even in a control room.

The benefits of the Exolance are:

  • Faster tapping
  • Reduced taphole damage
  • Continuous lancing – no need to stop when the lance is consumed
  • No lost time putting on hot and bulky safety equipment
  • One unit can service multiple tapholes
  • Accurate and repeatable results.

All lancing information can be stored in a database.

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Lewis Exolance can be adapted to suit your smelting operation.

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Other Products

Lewis Australia also have a number of other products for mining applications, some of these include:

  • ScOREpion - Automatic Blast Hole Sampling
  • Remote Controlled Floor washing / reclaiming vehicles
  • Lightening Bolt - Ultra Light Weight Extension Tools for the removal of haul truck wheel nuts
  • Mobile Fluid Transfer Systems
  • Bin Relining
  • Automated Sample Laboratories
  • Large scale elevated work platforms
  • Spidler – conveyor roller change out

For more information, please refer to their website www.lewis.com.au or contact their Melbourne office on +61 3 9555-3666