Eco Friendly Dust Control?

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Non Toxic

Highly Reliable Economical

Easy To Use

Non Corrosive

Sourced from food and natural sources, KnockOut Eco Dust dust control is formulated with highly aggressive hygroscopic material. These materials are complexed with amino acids to bind the road material together and to gather moisture from the air. Being non toxic, Eco Dust can be applied for any dust control application and is safe for human contact and for plants.

Environmentally Friendly

KnockOut Eco Dust is an environmentally friendly, non-toxic, high-strength dust particle binder. Prior to application, the liquid concentrate is mixed with water to achieve recommended dilution. When the solution is sprayed on the soil, it forms a stable dust control matrix making it highly effective for fugitive dust control.

How it Works

KnockOut Eco Dust Control Formula absorbs dust particles. It is an interval based solution that utilizes reduced maintenance applications, giving you the benefit of being able to perform road grading maintenance without hindering the performance of our product. Occasional water treatment intervals will reinvigorate KnockOut Eco Dust Control particles. When the occasional water treatments start to lose their efficiency, a diluted re-application of KnockOut Eco Dust Control can be applied to regenerate the binding strength of the product. This can be accomplished with a water truck or computer rate controlled distributor truck.



Features and Benefits

  • Environmentally friendly.
  • Binds fine soil particles to prevent fugitive dust.
  • Liquid concentrate can be added to a water truck and mixed
  • without agitation.
  • Non-toxic as applied to domestic and wild animals, aquatic organisms. Passes Acute Toxicity Test (EPA-821-R-02-012).
  • No arsenic, chlorine, copper, mercury or heavy metals in KnockOut 
  • Eco Dust Control.

Quarries and Mines

Quarries and Mines are high track areas that require a high performance material. Eco Dust has the advantage due to its long life and ability to bind material together and compact well without hardening completely and making it unable to grade.

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