- Since 1960 -

LAP 54: Directly driven planetary steering axle (front)

VGZ 85: Dual motor hydrostatic gearbox / DualSync® (rear)

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SAP 43: Directly driven planetary rigid axles

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SAF 76: Directly driven planetary rigid axle with integrated suspension (front)

SAP 76: Directly driven planetary rigid axles (rear)

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Planetary hubs (front)

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TAP 89: Planetary bogie axle (rear)

Since 1960 NAF AG has been the expert for power transmission, traction and load capacity on mobile working machines.

Our gears and axles create a substantial competitive advantage in the heavy-duty off-highway industry and are exclusively produced in Germany. As the leading market manufacturer of drive trains for self-propelled forestry machines, NAF AG has been tackling a wide variety of the most extreme deployment conditions for many decades. Neither heat nor extreme low temperatures play any role in the use of our gears and axles. The modular system, which has evolved from this set of requirements, enables their effective use even in completely new applications, adapting existing parts of products in different combinations, and with only a small level of new developments or modifications being required. Due to the modular system, the components and individual parts have been long-term tested and can be variably combined to create an individual drive solution. The cost advantages of this production concept make a considerable difference – in both money and time.

Our range of products comprises in general Planetary Bogie Axles, Planetary Steering- and Rigid Axles, Gearboxes and Planetary Drives.

For mining applications we offer Planetary Rigid Axles, Gearboxes and Planetary Bogie Axles.  |