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Essay of Vision Enhancements for Safer Operation of Mobile Mine Equipment

ACME Specialty Manufacturing Company is the leading manufacturer of durable mirrors for OEM's of heavy duty trucks, school and transit buses, motor homes, agricultural equipment, off-road construction equipment, and military vehicles.

ACME Specialty Manufacturing Company has been manufacturing mirrors for nearly a century. Forty years ago, we began making durable off-road vehicle mirrors. We found our specialty and we stayed with it, keeping up with the latest technology to enhance and create better and stronger mirrors over the years.

Today, we're recognized as a premier supplier of rugged tempered glass exterior mirrors and interior mirrors for manufacturers of a wide variety of types of vehicles operating in the toughest environments.

More than half of the country’s coal mines are managed by pro-Russian separatist militia.Credit: DmyTo/Shutterstock.

More than half of the country’s coal mines are managed by pro-Russian separatist militia.

Credit: DmyTo/Shutterstock.

Mine safety in general and more particularly vehicle mine safety has always been a major challenge. Combine massive and growing in capacity machines with higher extraction goals and the result is often not a safe outcome. Providing super durable vision aids and support services to help make these massive machines operate more safely is one unique company.

For over 40 years Acme Specialty Manufacturing has provided product design and manufacturing expertise to many mining equipment OEM’s.

Thru the years we have provided our expertise to improve machine visibility, and we produce unique super durable and often customized rear vision aids needed on the various machines tasked with moving the mountains of ore rich gravel, stone, and earth.

From our beginning Acme engineers have worked closely with mine safety regulators and OEM machine builders to design and produce vision aids and safety devices that perform well in a wide range of mining environments and conditions.

We constantly test and evaluate our current products with and against other products and new technologies. Our current product array includes an arsenal of over 300 OEM approved/designated part number for mirrors, vision aids, and support systems, many specifically designed for use on mining machines.

Most of our products can be used in ambient temperatures down to -40 degrees C.

Hitachi eh5000ac2 mining truck

Acme Specialty now offers and includes many non-traditional vision aids such as durable HD color CCTV camera arrays and flat screen in-cab monitors that can be coupled with our traditional super durable mirrors to provide a 360 degree surround view of most mining machines.

These high-bred systems help meet ISO 5006 Off Road start-up vision requirements. Providing this complete system/view of vehicle perimeters often requires close cooperation and coordination with OEM body and structure engineers, a consulting service we welcome and offer free of charge.

Komatsu Haul truck HD

We never stop in our quest to help make mine equipment and machines safer. If you have a machine vision challenge and/or need more information about out products, send us and email at, or call us at 419-243-8109 ext. 10.

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