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Build, Own, Operate and Transfer (BOOT) – Accessible Paste Fill

Paste Fill can be a huge benefit to many underground mining operations, however initial capital expenditure, construction timeframes and the extensive operational learning curve can all influence the decision to employ it as part of the production cycle. Quattro Project Engineering’s alternate contracting model can alleviate all of these issues bringing immense upside to Paste Fill Operations

More than half of the country’s coal mines are managed by pro-Russian separatist militia.Credit: DmyTo/Shutterstock.

More than half of the country’s coal mines are managed by pro-Russian separatist militia.

Credit: DmyTo/Shutterstock.

Quattro Project Engineering Pty Ltd (QPE) are a leading provider of Build, Own and Operate Paste Plants globally. Our paste plants and underground reticulation systems are fully specified, designed and built in house while the modular nature of them has allowed us to successfully secure attractive finance solutions required for BOO(T) Contracts.

As such, this Contract offering can significantly reduce or even eliminate the need for Capital Expenditure allowing operations to experience the benefits of Paste Backfill without the upfront financial burden. QPE have a demonstrated model that allows us to take on that financial burden and deliver quality paste fill services.

QPE own and maintain our own laboratory to undertake mix design test work, while our paste plants and underground reticulation systems are fully designed in house by a team of experienced Engineers. The modular nature of the plants significantly reduces site construction time which has historically represented the largest risk to remote construction projects.

QPE’s offering is a fully integrated paste system. That is, through the incorporation of QPE’s proprietary paste hardware, the underground reticulation system is integrated into the Paste Plant PLC allowing ultimate control and de-risking of the full system. Blockage/Stoppage mitigation measures can be predefined and calibrated to ensure the system has maximum availability, while the incorporation of automated friction loops ensures that the system flow is in balance to reduce premature system wear.

QPE commence operations with a comprehensive set of Standard Operating Procedures (SOP)’s, Pro-formas, structured training systems, and maintenance plans to ensure each new operation managed passes from commissioning to operational fill safely, with a minimum of fuss and very limited learning curve.

AusProof is celebrating 25 years of business in Australia in 2019.

How is QPE’s Paste System Different?

When embarking on the design of our proprietary Low Profile Medium Output (LPMO) Paste Plant, a design brief was formulated to incorporate changes to make the plant more operational and easier to maintain. Further, the plant was to be modular in nature – a key to firstly reduce the time required at site for construction, and secondly to satisfy key criteria associated with finance.

As such, the resulting paste plant has rethought convention and allows QPE to offer a highly practical, reliable and financeable paste plant solution. This, coupled with our operational experience reduces the financial burden, the timeframe for construction and traditionally experienced issues with operational readiness.

Our rethink of Paste systems didn’t stop at Contracting models and Paste Plant Design – QPE are internationally recognised as leaders in underground reticulation and delivery innovation. Our products improve system control, vastly increase system availability and increase underground installation times by 40% over conventional systems.

Integration of Underground reticulation with surface plant via a centralised control system has been made achievable through the above product line and as such, QPE’s paste system brings with it a level of control and automation previously unachievable. Underground system wear is improved, while availability is increased thanks to in line monitoring and control without the requirement for underground personnel.

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AusProof is celebrating 25 years of business in Australia in 2019.

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