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Minerals are the second largest export in Rwanda, and the government is seeking to capitalise on its resources wealth by encouraging foreign investment. Will such a move leave behind the artisanal miners who currently make up the majority of the workforce though?

In Peru, the contentious Tia Maria project continues to forge ahead, we take a look at the mega mine and the locals concerns. Elsewhere we see how political divisions can impact mining investments by talking to Casey Research. And two of our writers argue about the deepsea mining debate: is it a necessary industry for greening the world, or too risky to even be considered?

Gold is currently having its best run in years, going up 8% in June alone, we take a look at the factors behind this glittering run. Rare Earth Minerals are still in high demand thanks to their role in global electrification, we talk to the Rare Earth Industry Association about how the sector can create a sustainable future for the sector.

Finally, we take a look at using behavioural science to make mining safer, and the legacy of Chris Cline and the Foresight group in Illinois’s mining industry.

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Molly Lempriereeditor